Beatrice Barbazzeni

Beatrice is a Ph.D. student in Neuroscience aimed to achieve her MTP with discipline, perseverance and grit:“empower inner potential leading to the growth of exponential winners".


Pedro helps individuals & organisations thrive. He simplifies complexity, identifies inefficiencies, connects dots & imagines ideas that drive meaningful outcomes.

Chander Nagpal

With more than 25 years of experience in driving transformation initiatives, Chander is pronounced with a passion for delivering sustainable 10X impact through inspiring, engaging & enabling people.

Kent Langley

Kent's MTP is to empower people with technology. He is the Co-Founder of OpenExO, a serial entrepreneur with successful exits, and a student of many things.

Salim Ismail

Salim's the author of Exponential Organizations. He's an XPRIZE Foundation Board member, Founding Executive Director of Singularity University; Chairman of OpenExO & ExO Works, etc

Nishan Degnarain

Economist, specializing in the use of new tech to drive sustainable economic growth, particularly for low- and middle-income countries. Head of ExO Solutions.

Lisa Pereira

Lisa’s MTP is leveraging innovation for equity, so all voices are heard. Senior Editor at OpenExo & working on the Exponential Organizations Book series. Worked at SU & Stanford. ASNE Reynolds Fellow.

Peter Wicher

Avid mountain biker, cook, and creative business thinker. I use my experiences as a tech executive, educator, and technologist to help leaders perceive tech's exponential growth, and its impacts.

Cesar Castro

Managing Partner | Board Member | Blockchain for Impact | Web3 | Growth and Business Transformation

Angela Faye

Angela empowers entrepreneurial business leaders by increasing access to purpose, profits, & property in rapidly changing times through business building, destination development, & public engagement.

Sophie Krantz

Sophie is a global strategist who writes on global leadership in the digital age. She works with leaders worldwide to amplify their ambition and accelerate their agency to drive global goals.

Professor(Dr) Sanjay Rout

I am working as CEO of ‘Innovation Solution Lab. I had worked on various projects research, innovation, energy, business, health,government, social development, education, law, technology & others.

Edgar Valdés

Edgar is a physicist and developer working to generate high impact city science solutions with a comprehensive set of skills spawning from the social and exact sciences and solid technological

Kelsey Driscoll

Head of Client Success. I'm passionate about building sincere relationships with OpenExO community members and our clients with the intent of supporting their goals to achieve their MTP.

ExO Insight

ExO Insight is a part of the OpenExO global community that is transforming the world for a better future!

Lance Peppler

Predictive Analytics Evangelist at Pecan AI | Using Customer Data to Predict Behavior enabling greater Acquisition, Monetization & Retention

Colin Iles

Colin helps courageous and curious leaders find new opportunities with disruptive interventions in innovation, culture, leadership and strategy. Learn more at

Mike Sainz

Entrepreneur | CEO | Master of Business Dynamics | ExO Builder | ExO Consultant, Trainer & Ambassador | Purpose Mentor | Exponential Innovator | EBELI Instructor & Sherpa | Certified Coach

Paul Epping

Serial entrepreneur, chairman Xponential (transformation company), global keynote speaker, ExO Ambassador, ExO Coach. Critical thinker, curious by design. Intercultural explorer. Executive coach.

Niki Faldemolaei

Transforming the world economy for a better future. A tokenized global economy. As this economy grows; As it leverages its native digital asset EXOS to its fullest extent, leads to powerful change.

Luca Leonardini

ExO Certified Sprint Coach, Consultant, Trainer & Ambassador. Business Innovation Architect, Culture Design. My purpose is: "Accelerating the business mindset's change globally."

Simon Nopp

Supporting purpose-driven innovators to develop disruptive ventures successfully

Nell Watson

Tech Ethicist ∙ Interdisciplinary Researcher ∙ Reformer ∙ AI Faculty @SingularityU ∙ Chair @IEEESA ECPAIS TEFG ∙ ∙ ∙


20 + years experience in individual and organizational transformation. Global Faculty, Executive Coach, OD Consultant MTP: Creating future ready organizations where people bring their soul.


Spanish award-winning innovator, board member, and entrepreneur. He is an adjunct professor at IE and a recognized speaker on disruption and exponential transformation.

Sasha Sadovnikova

Founder @How To: Community. Passionate about people's talents and diversity, I help businesses and entrepreneurs create vibrant, dynamic communities that drive success and impact.

Frank Fitzpatrick

Bestselling author, award-winning executive, entrepreneur & wellness expert redefining the future through the convergence of sound, health, music & tech. |

Tania Hodgkinson

Award winning ExO transformation coach, Founder at InnovThink & Head of eDataXchange & Head Coach at Sophus3

Emanuela Logozzo

Emanuela is a Business Analyst, her MTP is "Manage Innovation for a Future of Abundance". Her goal is to spread the use of the Exponential Organization Model in Italian private and public companies.

Alina Solotarov

Essay Consultant at Christie Miller Consulting / FT Student MA Futures Studies at Freie Universität Berlin

Ashley Pfaff

A neurodivergent who excels at lateral thinking, bringing fresh insights to tough problems; supporting the ExO team through copious amounts of research and the occasional perceptive insight.

Mark Butler

Mark Butler MAddBeh MGestTher CReC MPACFA Mental health expert and strategist, with 20+ yrs clinical and corporate experience. I love to lift teams to sustainable peak performance, and beat burnout.

Duane Fernandes

Builds, scales and supports purpose-driven creativity to solve wicked problems.

Michael Friebe, PhD

Professor of HealthTec Innovation at the medical faculty of the OVGU in Magdeburg, Germany and at AGH UST in Krakow, Poland. Inventor of 100 patents, >300 science papers, >35 Medtec start-ups.

Jeia Black

Jeia Black writes with the intent of enlightening her readers about matters of the world. She loves interrogating the way things work and discovering the underlying factors that affect them.

Lars Lin

Builds & Transforms #Humanized Organizations, Programs & Services For Positive Exponential Impact

Miguel Angel Rojas

Restless human being, in a continuous journey of research to get the best version of myself. I hope it never ends.

Oliver Sabiston

Mike Lingle

CFO, Founder, Advisor. Talks about #startups, #investors, #blockchain, #financials, and #securitytokens

Harold S Neto

Innovation Architect - creating spaces that make people innovate CEO MetanoiaDigital - +130 Projects Delivered +2500 Executives Trained Author - +300 texts on Management, Leadership & Innovation

Catherine Mules

Well-rounded, highly organised Communications Manager with blended strategic and creative skills, as well as technical know-how.

Kevin Allen

I am an energetic and creative individual. I believe that we live in an abundant world through exponential technologies. My personal MTP is Unlocking Positive Human Potential

Stacey Murphy

Impact Investor ~ Serial Entrepreneur ~ Visionary Playing at the Intersection of Regenerative Earth, Technology & Energetics ~ ProsperiTV ~ Ecovillages for Entrepreneurs ~Quantum Biology

Priya Bains

Priya Bains: Business Coach for Innovators, Ph.D. I-O Psychology, 20+ years coaching/consulting. Her work is based in research on motivation, creativity, innovation, productivity, teams, & leadership.

Jaroslav Dokoupil

Jaroslav is a futurist, speaker, trainer, consultant and learning designer working at the intersection of leadership, sustainability, innovation and technology.

Fabrice Testa

Fabrice Testa is an exponential thinker, innovator, serial tech entrepreneur, business angel investor, trusted advisor, public speaker, author, and highly sought-after mentor.

Mukesh Gupta

Mukesh is a coach, mentor, advisor and an author. His expertise lies in leadership in general and leading transformations (personal, professional and organisational) in particular.

Derrek Luke

Derrek is dedicated to empowering organizations and individuals to create change through technology and writes on innovation, agility, and the arts.

Kamales Lardi

Kamales is a bold and strategic thinker in digital business transformation with over 21 years of deep cross-industry experience with the latest digital and technology solutions.

Suman Sasmal

Passionate about making a high impact through future readiness.

Mynor Schult

He's a bestseller author, ExO Consultant & Ambassador. His book, “Exponential Entrepreneur” reflects his MTP to help businesses grow exponentially to elevate living conditions in LA

Vanessa Belmonte

Creative Consultant, Founder of Culture Climax


Gabi has experience in executive management of organizations, strategic consulting, management and evaluation of projects, initiatives and programs implemented by public and private institutions

Alfredo Galvan Macias

Master in Business of Technological Innovation. Implemented 2 companies that failed, learning various points of the path and sharing with more dreamers like me. Coach | Mentor | Advisor

Karina Besprosvan

Award-winning and extensively cited Researcher/Data storyteller, Insight & innovation expert /Brand strategy & communication specialist/Featured Speaker/Educator leader/Winner EXoCoach Award latam2020

David Werdiger

I'm passionate about helping families go through the journey of wealth transition and business transition. That means succession for some, or it might mean exit for some.

Sebastian Sjöberg

Working on accelerating the great energy transition with batteries and Bitcoin

Stanton Wong

President @ RESET, Data Standard for Healthy & Sustainable Buildings Education Director @ Horizon Protocol, Crypto DeFi Project

Eric Patel

Eric Patel is co-leading the Exponential Individual (ExI) project, making self-awareness, human optimization, and personal excellence the norm. He helps others thrive through continuous innovation.

Huba Rostonics

Huba Rostonics is a Business Strategy and Innovation consultant with almost three decades of experience between corporate and startup engagements. He specializes in Partnerships and Services Economy.

Ann Boothello

Ann is an impact-for-good entrepreneur & philanthropist with a focus on art, technology, purpose, well-being, & regenerative communities. She is co-leading the Exponential Individual (ExI) project.

Roberto Mario De Stefano

I'm a Ph.D. student in Economics, Management, Innovation, and Sustainability. The focus of my course is Exponential Organizations. My MTP is to spread knowledge in order to improve life of people

Ann Ralston

Purpose and Values-Driven Entrepreneur | Chief Culture Innovator & Results Officer | Exponential Growth Implementor | Certified 3HAG CEO+ Leadership Team Coach | Certified ExO Head Coach & Ambassador

Jason Loyet

Serial entrepreneur with a proven track record of founding and developing high-growth companies in the software and distributed energy resource technologies space.

Max Kreimerman

Digital Transformation Advisor, Board Member, Founder. At the forefront of innovations based on AI and the benefits it proposes to companies, especially in communications and processes automation.

Dana Marduk

Futurepreneur, CEO at Future Company, Doctorate of Longevity, Member of World Futures Studies Federation( and Founder of Healthgevity Center and Futurepreneurs Society

Oscar Schmitz

🚀 Inspire people from BEING impossible by making POSSIBLE 💡 🚀 Transformational Coach, Knowmad, Entrepreneur, Innovator and Digital / Exponential Transformer. 🚀 Ambassador @OpenEXO | EXO Advisor

Hans Christian (Captn) Smith

ExO Consultant with extensive experience in Quality, Health Safety Environment and Sustainability, auditing, and consulting

Francisco Milagres

Francisco Milagres, founder and CEO of Mirach Ventures, is a visionary in transforming people and organizations. He combines strategy, technology, and venture capital to drive innovation.

Jim Harris

Jim Harris is one of North America’s foremost thinkers on disruption & innovation. Association magazine ranked him as one of North America’s top 10 speakers. he also leads strategic planning sessions

Daniel Groves

Business Development Specialist at Consultant Inc. | Branding | Marketing | Business Growth

Mary Butler

A people strategy expert, who helps founders and scaleups experiencing growth, build leadership capability. Co-author of "What the hell do we do now. An enterprise guide to Covid-19 and beyond."

Bash Sarmiento

Bash writes pieces in the tech, lifestyle, and business realms. His academic background and extensive experience in teaching, business management, and traveling are translated into his works.

Peter Kristof PhD

Passionate about developing individuals, teams, and organizations in harnessing the power of technology innovations, scientific research with the purpose of making a positive and scalable impact.

Fabrizio Gramuglio

I'm a full-time Senior Innovation Manager with a natural exponential business mindset. I am a tech enthusiast and innovator with over two decades of experience in technology management.

Marc-Antoine Tschopp

a former McKinsey consultant, turned CEO, turned executive coach, turned consciousness booster for CEOs, and author of ELEVATING CEO CONSCIOUSNESS.

Craig Terblanche

I'm passionate about the future of digital & how individuals & corporates will remain relevant, given digital disruption. What should you pay attention to & what can you trust & why should you care?

Michael Jonsson

Educating the world about medicinal and psychedelic mushrooms so we can be more connected.

Katherine Marshall

Avid reader & creative writer with 25 years in financial services providing strategic consulting, business plan strategy, profitability analysis & FinTech solutions to Registered Investment Advisors.

Steven A. Rodriguez

Creative. Explorer. Futurist.

Mark Fishburn

Mark’s extensive experience of software, networks & security covers development, marketing, sales & chair of industry associations. Founded MarketWord, Inc. - a strategic marketing company - in 2006.

Francesco Derchi

Francesco Derchi is a global business expert, he believes that Creativity will save the world. In his doctorate he studies the role of the Massive Transformative Purpose in Exponential Organizations.

Ian Morales Burgos

Ian is a tech entrepreneur responsible for coordinating all operations of the ExO Builder programs; helping build innovation and entrepreneurship capabilities.

Elizabeth Mackenzie

Elizabeth is working with Career Karma (a YCombinator backed company) which is a company helping millions of people every month navigate their careers.

Prateek Bijjam

Massive Transformative Purpose is changing states of mind towards sharing more. Director & CEO of Yenna Tech Private Limited.

Andres Romero

Passionate about how collaboration and exponential transformation impact communities. Helping to connect people and organizations in projects that have a positive impact on the world.

Jonathan Brill

Jonathan Brill prepares businesses to profit from radical change. He is a speaker and strategic advisor on resilient growth and innovation under uncertainty and the author of Rogue Waves.

Alejandro Matiz Rubio

Father of a family, business, and entrepreneurship consultant for innovation, marketing, and business organization projects with entrepreneurial and investigative vision as part of my strengths.