ExO Heroes: Which One Are You? Members Public

Each ExO Hero symbolizes a specific attribute integral to the success of an ExO, such as Staff on Demand, Community & Crowd, and Algorithms, AI, Data, among others.

Oliver Sabiston
ExO Heroes

The Importance of a Chief Exponential Officer (CExO) in Every Organization Members Public

A CExO can bridge the organization and external entities, fostering strategic collaborations and alliances.

Kevin Allen
Kevin Allen
Exponential Organizations

Gamification Lessons Learned From the OpenExO Community Game Members Public

The gamification experience was designed to engage players using the Octalysis framework and has yielded valuable community-generated content and lessons learned.

Fabrizio Gramuglio Sasha Sadovnikova

How INTERprotección Rose Above the Rubble Members Public

Investing in an ExO Sprint can drive meaningful results in innovation. INTERprotección is Mexico's biggest insurance broker. In 2016 they were leading the market in the travel and car insurance.

Kelsey Driscoll Mike Lingle
ExO Sprint

Taking Exponential Strides - The Stripes Way Members Public

STRIPE, the payment processing firm established in 2010 in California, USA has been a success story from Day 1. Featured in the 2021 TIME100 Most Influential Companies list, it is an excellent example of the power of exponential thinking and doing.

Chander Nagpal
Chander Nagpal

Do We Need a Crisis to Improve 10X Processes? Crisis Leads to Change Members Public

A crisis already mobilizes many ExO Attributes, but if we define them and replace chaos with a facilitated ExO methodology, we can surely find many more solutions that are 10X cheaper, better, and safer.

Suman Sasmal
Suman Sasmal

Holistic Cybersecurity and ExO Members Public

The article features a new approach to cybersecurity and the top ten cybersecurity recommendations. Included is an example of how they apply to the ExO Attributes.

Mark Fishburn
Mark Fishburn

Sustainability and Exponential Organizations Members Public

The relationship between sustainability and exponential technologies is a recent field of study, revealing a potential impact in facilitating value co-generation and value delivery not only for the market but for society at large.

Francesco Derchi
Francesco Derchi