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12 Ways Quantum Computing Can Radically Change The World! Members Public

Quantum computers will disrupt each industry. It will change the manner in which we work together and the security we have set up to protect information, how we battle ailment and design new materials, and tackle wellbeing and atmosphere issues.

Professor(Dr) Sanjay Rout
Quantum Computing

NEXTGEN ECONOMY PODCAST: "Design, NFT's, Fractional Ownership," with Ebony Walsh Members Public

Ebony Walsh is focusing on the convergence of built environments, software development, blockchain, Web 3.0 + Virtual Reality, Strategic Foresight, and Design Research; and, adding her unique experiences and insights.

Angela Faye
Angela Faye

The Automotive Industry is Going ExO to Save its Future Members Public

Making your company smaller and leaner, able to take risks and test boundaries is a core ExO principle. It is essential when the pace of change in your industry is approaching break neck speeds. And this is happening in many industries today.

Salim Ismail
Salim Ismail
Exponential Organizations

How to Fix Civilization Members Public

Note how pervasive this is — every social structure, organization, institution, has its own immune system. Many of these are broken. Yet these are what our civilization is built on.

Salim Ismail
Salim Ismail