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Revitalizing Family Business Consulting - image by Metamorworks Canva Pro

Revitalizing Family Business Consulting with Exponential Thinking Members Public

The core challenge facing family businesses is a lack of clarity around succession planning. Older owners struggle to evaluate next-gen leaders, while rising talent isn't sure how to demonstrate their readiness.

Niki Faldemolaei Doug Gray
Niki Faldemolaei / Doug Gray
Exponential Organizations

Embracing the Dragon: How to Lead with a China-Informed Business Strategy Members Public

The Lunar New Year, engaging about two billion people worldwide, prompts reflection on China's significance for business strategy, underscoring the necessity of a comprehensive understanding despite potential challenges or biases.

Sophie Krantz
Sophie Krantz

Globally Aware: What Half of Global Adults Voting in 2024 Means for You Members Public

Understanding the political and economic shifts in these nations could be crucial for your business. Missing out on these connections might mean overlooking emerging markets, policy changes, or even shifts in global supply chains that could affect your operations.

Sophie Krantz
Sophie Krantz
Global Governance