Data Protection

Catalyzing Ethical AI in Global Healthcare: Principles, Challenges, and Pathways Forward Members Public

Explore the ethical principles and governance frameworks essential for responsible AI and digital health technology deployment in healthcare, with a particular emphasis on addressing emerging ethical challenges in low and middle-income countries and marginalized communities.

Michael Friebe, PhD
Michael Friebe, PhD
Future of Health

Threads and Data Privacy: Are We Sharing Too Much? Members Public

Threads, Meta's new app, is revolutionizing online communication, but privacy concerns arise due to extensive data collection, potential data sharing, and lack of control over account deletion, emphasizing the need for user awareness and privacy protection.

Oscar Schmitz
Oscar Schmitz

Exploring the Impact of AI. Risks on Future Employment and Business Law Members Public

Learn about risks associated with A.I. implementation, such as job displacement, inequality, ethical concerns, data privacy, and legal liability, and emphasizes the importance of proactive legal frameworks to mitigate these risks and ensure a fair and sustainable future for workers and businesses.

Professor(Dr) Sanjay Rout
Artificial Intelligence

Part III: What will be the Exciting Career Paths created by Chat GPT and AI? Members Public

Ethical AI is crucial for Chat GPT and other AI technologies. AI governance professionals handle privacy, bias, accountability, ethics, and socioeconomic impact, ensuring responsible AI use and societal benefits. Emerging career paths in AI governance and ethics tackle these challenges.

Edgar Valdés
Edgar Valdés