Alina Solotarov

Essay Consultant at Christie Miller Consulting / FT Student MA Futures Studies at Freie Universität Berlin

Are Technomorphic Worldviews Taking Over? Immersive Experiences, Our Next Reality? For Whom? Members Public

A technological focus is fantastic, but the problems that we are facing are more systemic. Zooming out to a higher level to see the systemic connections is very much needed. It’s not about that technology can solve healthcare problems, but how it can be adopted at an affordable level.

Paul Epping Alina Solotarov

Nature’s Ingenuity Members Public

The amygdala was our survival kit during the ‘slow days of some 50.000 years ago,’ while walking across the steppe, helping us to make fast decisions in case of danger. In today’s fast society, dangerous animals have been replaced by intangible sources of fear that ‘alert’ us. Switching

Paul Epping Alina Solotarov

A Critical Look At Some (MT)Ps Members Public

‘Stories move us. They make us feel more emotion, see new perspectives, and bring us closer to each other’.

Paul Epping Alina Solotarov

Does Exponential Growth Have A Price? Time, And A Lurking Paradox Members Public

Purpose and short-termism Are these mutually exclusive, or is this a trend? Introduction, the ‘pitch’ In the series of articles that we plan to write for ExO Insight, we will focus on day-to-day observations in the realm of.... Things that strike me as special or not so special anymore (which

Paul Epping Alina Solotarov
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