Design Thinking

Think “Inside” the Box: Empower Your Inner Potential to Get 10x Successful Ideas Members Public

We'll explore different thinking styles, & define what it means to “think out of the box” and why it does not always work. As well as steps to think “inside the box.”

Beatrice Barbazzeni
Beatrice Barbazzeni
Human Potential

How Health Economics Will Improve Clinical Trials to Maximize Health Members Public

Due to the increasing urgency of accessing healthcare services, and a patient-centric approach, decisions need to be more open, fair, and empowering of patient opinions. Health economics guarantees a decision-making framework.

Beatrice Barbazzeni
Beatrice Barbazzeni

Finding Flow and Freedom in a World That Has Gone M.A.D. Members Public

Evolution can not be stopped but can be shaped, and the question is: Are we collectively acting to shape it, or are we playing the role of a mere spectator?

Ann Boothello Eric Patel
Ann Boothello / Eric Patel
Nonlinear Thinking