ExO Sprint for Global Outreach: Shingon Buddhism's Exponential Impact Members Public

Community members from OpenExO ran an ExO Sprint to pioneer digital adaptation for a Shingon Buddhist Temple. Bridging cultures and embracing virtual communities, the initiative seeks to enhance the lives of individuals worldwide.

Sasha Sadovnikova
Sasha Sadovnikova
OpenExO Community

How OpenAI Can Fix Itself with Exponential Organization Principles Members Public

Delve into OpenAI's challenges during its transition from a non-profit to a for-profit entity, examining debates on mission alignment and governance through the lens of Exponential Organizations (ExOs) and proposing solutions based on ExO principles.

Salim Ismail Kent Langley
Salim Ismail / Kent Langley

Wolves to Ants: The Winning Strategy for the Digital Age Members Public

We are changing our communications system and that has a huge impact on businesses. Understand how you can navigate this new management era.

Harold S Neto
Harold S Neto

How INTERprotección Rose Above the Rubble Members Public

Investing in an ExO Sprint can drive meaningful results in innovation. INTERprotección is Mexico's biggest insurance broker. In 2016 they were leading the market in the travel and car insurance.

Kelsey Driscoll Mike Lingle
ExO Sprint

Sustainability and Exponential Organizations Members Public

The relationship between sustainability and exponential technologies is a recent field of study, revealing a potential impact in facilitating value co-generation and value delivery not only for the market but for society at large.

Francesco Derchi
Francesco Derchi

The Global Responsibility of Exponential Organizations Members Public

The technological advances that have been developed as a result of this Fourth Industrial Revolution present a window of opportunity for states and international organizations to address global problems in a much more effective and coordinated manner.

Fourth Industrial Revolution

It's Important to Remember That a Platform is a Business Model Members Public

Starting small and moving fast using your community for insights, ideation, and product adoption truly help to test and pivot your own platform business and help to match the pivot of your customers.

Cesar Castro
Cesar Castro
Exponential Organizations

Innovation Behind Data: Why it’s The New Oil Well in Your Business Members Public

Data is crucial to any organization's efforts to establish digital resiliency – the ability for an organization to rapidly adapt to business disruptions by leveraging digital capabilities to restore business operations and capitalize on the changed conditions.

Emanuela Logozzo
Emanuela Logozzo
Data Science