Gene Editing

CRISPR Chronicles: Sculpting a Path to a Disease-Free Tomorrow Members Public

CRISPR gene editing, once the stuff of science fiction, has emerged as a revolutionary and affordable tool with the potential to reshape the future of healthcare by eradicating genetic-based diseases.

Professor(Dr) Sanjay Rout

ExO Hits of the Week - 15 July 2022 Members Public

In this week’s ExO ‘Hits of the Week,’ here is what our community is reading: Will China’s new renewable energy plan lead to an early emissions peak? Playing offense on circularity can net European consumer goods companies €500 billion.

Nishan Degnarain
Nishan Degnarain

Exponential Medicine: The Longevity Industry 2.0 Members Public

Contrary to the expectations of a world free of mortality, the goal of the longevity industry is to predict diseases while giving hope for a world without age-related diseases.

Beatrice Barbazzeni
Beatrice Barbazzeni

Reversing Aging: Gene Therapy, Vaccines, and Virtual Reality to Treat Alzheimer’s Disease and Solve Underpopulation Members Public

Indeed, by 2050 the population over the age of 65 is predicted to be more than double. Longevity is also accompanied by the increasing rate of chronic diseases, in which AD plays a relevant role.

Beatrice Barbazzeni
Beatrice Barbazzeni

Are Technomorphic Worldviews Taking Over? Immersive Experiences, Our Next Reality? For Whom? Members Public

A technological focus is fantastic, but the problems that we are facing are more systemic. Zooming out to a higher level to see the systemic connections is very much needed. It’s not about that technology can solve healthcare problems, but how it can be adopted at an affordable level.

Paul Epping Alina Solotarov