Seven Indications to Hire a Business Coach Members Public

Companies are reaching out to experts, strategists, coaches, and consultants to restructure many parts of their core businesses and strategies. However, it can be tough to determine which kind to hire. Getting it right is vital to your budgets, staff morale and future profitability.

Kelsey Driscoll
Kelsey Driscoll

Don't Mistake Growth for Innovation Members Public

While continuous improvement can lead to higher productivity and revenue growth—that doesn't prevent your company from being disrupted by business model innovation.

Kelsey Driscoll Mike Lingle

Transformation to a Circular Economy: By Applying Blockchain Technology Members Public

Disruptive technologies also support the transition to a circular economy by radically increasing virtualization, de-materialization, transparency and feedback-driven intelligence. The shift requires innovative business models that either replace existing ones or seize new opportunities.

Kamales Lardi
Kamales Lardi
Circular Economy

Mastering the Language of Startup Success - The Duolingo Way Members Public

DUOLINGO, an educational technology firm established in 2012 in Pennsylvania (USA), and part of the Top100 ExOs (Exponential Organizations) list published in 2015 has grown leaps and bounds over the years demonstrating the value of exponential thinking and doing.

Chander Nagpal
Chander Nagpal

The DIGITAL TWIN Concept — Healthcares Transition Towards Homecare — The Making of an Exponential Health Metaverse Members Public

Next Generation Healthcare systems will need to focus on prevention / early detection and pro-active therapy, and they will employ exponential technologies. This likely will lead to significant changes in the way we experience, think about, and deliver healthcare.

Michael Friebe, PhD
Michael Friebe, PhD

Innovation Behind Data: Why it’s The New Oil Well in Your Business Members Public

Data is crucial to any organization's efforts to establish digital resiliency – the ability for an organization to rapidly adapt to business disruptions by leveraging digital capabilities to restore business operations and capitalize on the changed conditions.

Emanuela Logozzo
Emanuela Logozzo
Data Science

Finding Flow and Freedom in a World That Has Gone M.A.D. Members Public

Evolution can not be stopped but can be shaped, and the question is: Are we collectively acting to shape it, or are we playing the role of a mere spectator?

Ann Boothello Eric Patel
Ann Boothello / Eric Patel
Nonlinear Thinking

Corporate Venture Building, The Best Option for Entrepreneurship Members Public

As the world moves at an accelerated pace, corporations must be able to innovate at even faster speeds to anticipate market changes. The ideas must be generated and implemented at breakneck speed, and the old model of trying to innovate internally can no longer keep pace.