Books by ExO Insight Contributing Writers

If you are looking for more inspiration from members within the OpenExO community, here’s a list of our published authors that have contributed to ExO Insight and a special mention to our prolific writers who are developing their first books.

Lisa Pereira
Lisa Pereira

We begin the new year with over 110 articles now on ExO Insight. Not bad for a publication less than six months old. This would not have been possible without ALL our contributors. If you are looking for more inspiration from members within the OpenExO community, here’s a list of our published authors that have contributed to ExO Insight and a special mention to our prolific writers who are developing their first books.

Let’s begin with the book that planted the seeds for OpenExO.

Salim Ismail

Exponential Organizations: Why new organizations are ten times better, faster, and cheaper than yours (and what to do about it)

by Salim Ismail  (Author), Michael S. Malone  (Author), Yuri van Geest (Author), Peter H. Diamandis  (Foreword)

“In the past five years, the business world has seen the birth of a new breed of company―the Exponential Organization―that has revolutionized how a company can accelerate its growth by using technology. An ExO can eliminate the incremental, linear way traditional companies get bigger, leveraging assets like community, big data, algorithms, and new technology into achieving performance benchmarks ten times better than its peers.” - Amazon page

Then came Exponential Transformation: Evolve Your Organization (and Change the World) With a 10-Week ExO Sprint

by Salim Ismail  (Author), Francisco Palao  (Author), Michelle Lapierre (Author)

A practical handbook for using Exponential Organization to transform your organization—and disrupt your industry—in 10 weeks

Today’s top business challenge is adapting to accelerating technological and global change. In his bestselling book Exponential Organizations, author Salim Ismail described a new type of organization that thrives amidst industry disruption. Since then, he has helped organizations disrupt their own industries—by applying Exponential Organization (ExO) principles. From this work emerged the 10-week transformation process explained in this book, called the ExO Sprint.

Exponential Transformation is the detailed implementation handbook for becoming an Exponential Organization. The book enables organizations to speed up their transformation and overcome the obstacles to success.

Lead a 10-week ExO Sprint

Evolve in order to navigate industry disruption

Become an Exponential Organization

Block the immune-system response of organizations during transformation

Companies such as Visa, Procter & Gamble, HP, and Black & Decker have already benefited from ExO process. Exponential Transformation is a must-have resource for participants of any ExO Sprint, as well as those seeking to apply Exponential principles in their organizations." - Amazon page

We are excited for the updated edition with new case studies, a more in-depth look at MTP, attributes, and how to build an ExO that is coming out later this year.  

Exponential Organizations: The Essential Guide to Building ExO's

by Salim Ismail  (Author), Peter H. Diamandis (Author), Michael S. Malone (Author) and curated by the OpenExO Community.

Pre-order your copy today.


EBELI (Evidence Based Entrepreneurship & Lean Innovation): The Method to the Madness of Venture Building

EBELI (Evidence Based Entrepreneurship & Lean Innovation) is a system that has been created, curated, and matured for the last 20 years to help move ideas and academic research to the market and thus, provide a solution to real and relevant problems. It is remarkably flexible and works as if it were a business model toolbox (actually we called that way before), where you can use each tool when and as much as you need it, without forgetting that there is a specific process to follow. With EBELI you can design and develop New Ventures based on technology, not based on technology, for profit, not for profit, aimed at high impact, focused on public policy, etc.

You can read more EBELI book and purchase the book on Amazon. If you want to be part of the ExOBuilder ecosystem, sign up.

Nishan Degnarain

SOUL OF THE SEA: In the Age of the Algorithm

by Nishan Degnarain  (Author), Gregory S Stone (Author)

“This publication draws upon the fields of science, economics, and business strategy to chart the future of humankind’s relationship to the ocean. A healthy ocean provides the basis for a prosperous world, and oceans have been largely ignored as a driver of human well-being until now. Ocean health has been in a serious state of decline for the past 100 years from a range of pressures including human population growth, energy consumption, and use of natural resources. Humanity will exceed the resources and environmental conditions necessary to exist, within the next century if nothing changes. Solutions to these challenges lie not only in traditional resource conservation management but in new fields of technology, governance, and innovation.” - From Amazon page

Frank Fitzpatrick

Amplified: Unleash Your Potential Through the Power of Music

“Amplified: Unleash Your Potential Through the Power of Music offers fresh, innovative way to relate to and experience music. The book shows a reader how to use the power of music in your everyday life by awakening creativity, rewiring your brain, deepening your relationships and amplifying your potential.

How can you tune your body, mind, and spirit to hear the voice of your own calling? How can you use music to perform optimally in an increasingly dysfunctional and disruptive world? These are the questions we will explore together.”  - From Amazon page

You can find the book review Nishan Degnarain wrote here.

Mynor Schult

Exponential Entrepreneur: Growth 10X By Leveraging Mindset And Convergent Technologies (Exponential Business Growth)

Exponential Entrepreneur reflects his MTP to help businesses grow exponentially to elevate living conditions in Latin America. Mynor also has a few other books on travel.

“This book dissects the attributes, innovations, and actions of entrepreneurs around the world, especially the mavericks from Silicon Valley. These exponential entrepreneurs, time after time, have grown their companies 10X or even 100x better, faster, and cheaper than their competition. They are not magicians or have superpowers, however, these entrepreneurs follow certain mindsets to exponentiate business growth. The methodologies, attributes, and mindsets are revealed here, so you can model them to take your company to the next level.” - From Amazon page

Fabrice Testa

Super-Entrepreneurship Decoded: 5 Secret Keys to Create Breakthrough Businesses that Change the World

Super-Entrepreneurship Decoded will show you step by step how to make that dream a reality, from tackling an insurmountable problem to creating the kind of breakthrough business that can fix it.

Learn about the Age of Exponential Acceleration, in which super-entrepreneurs have become motivated to act boldly in solving the world’s biggest problems. Discover the five secrets of the top super-achievers who are changing the way we travel, eat, work, and simply go about our daily lives.

By applying the unique method presented in Super-Entrepreneurship Decoded, you will be able to materialize your dreams, build your own future, and achieve anything you want in life.”  - From Amazon page

Nell Watson

The All-Seeing Algorithm: Technology For Tyranny And Liberation

This book will address How Emerging Technologies are changing everything, to the benefit of whom, and for what ultimate purpose will be coming out this year. Her website is filled with articles she’s written and books she’s contributed to.

The Tech Sector holds the world’s largest and most valuable companies. These are first to get to leverage emerging technology, building upon their experience with data, algorithms, and machine learning.

This creates an enormous amount of power in the hands of this organizations, greater than many governments. This is especially the case where state intelligence services and big tech interface. They are increasingly intertwined and co-dependent.

We stand at a pivotal moment in history. Our actions in this time will decide our future, whether it’s a kind future that rewards fairness and respects dignity, or a darker one of insidious oppression. This  TV series and companion book educates the reader in the present capabilities, the emerging possibilities, and the future eventualities of these transformative times. - From Nell Watson's Website

Jonathan Brill

Rogue Waves: Future-Proof Your Business to Survive and Profit from Radical Change

“In Rogue Waves, Jonathan Brill―a renowned expert on resilient growth and decision making under uncertainty―shows you how to prepare your business to survive and thrive through the most radical upheavals. Drawing on years of experience as a Fortune 500 innovation executive, advisor, and entrepreneur, Brill delivers a practical action plan to:

Identify and capitalize on the 10 economic, technological, and social trends that will collide to reshape your business

Turn sudden threats into outsized opportunities

Create a culture of entrepreneurship and experimentation

Build and scale leadership skills and processes to supercharge your company’s agility and adaptability

This must-read survival guide provides the predictive tools you need to take advantage of randomness, turn chaos into profit, and set your company on the course for long-term success.

Resilience is your new strategy for growth.” - From Amazon page

Mary Butler

What The Hell Do We Do Now?: An enterprise guide to COVID-19 and beyond

by Alex Hagan  (Author), Mary Butler  (Author), Brent Hodgson  (Author), Monique Beedles (Author), & 14 more

“In What The Hell Do We Do Now? 18 authors explore the tools and frameworks that can help you and your organization navigate and emerge from the crisis in better shape than when you entered it. The contributors draw on their own research across a wide range of domains including Psychology, Systems Thinking, Genetics, Strategic Foresight, and Neurodiversity. The book follows the narrative arc of Victoria Lynn Schmidt’s Heroine‘s Journey, a journey of being thrust into chaos and returning transformed through the challenges faced.

If the events of 2020 have left you wondering What The Hell Do We Do Now?, this book will serve as blueprint to stepping confidently into our uncertain future.” - From Amazon page

Sophie Krantz

Stuck Here, With Everywhere To Go: How to do business out in the world, without international travel

“If you are an international business leader unable to travel for business, after reading the book you will be able to:

Explore how you can do business out in the world, achieving commercial objectives and strategic targets, in a low-tech, no-investment and low-touch way. This can be with team members, partners, investors or clients.

Learn how to strengthen your ability to communicate and have rich conversations with key stakeholders when the option to meet face-to-face is not an option for you, although it may be possible for your competition.

Develop your own brand and leadership style, demonstrating to internal and external stakeholders that international business remains a firm priority to you and your company. You will also enjoy getting back out into the word again.

Are you feeling stuck here, with everywhere to go out in the world? If you are, this book will help you get going.”  - From Amazon page

Kent Langley

Data Activation: Leveraging the Transformative Power of Data to Create Innovative Products and Services

Data Activation provides an effective framework that integrates people, data, and technology, enabling organizations of any size to gain competitive advantage, spark innovation, and maximize agile and scalable resources. The data activation process enables companies to apply technology at scale and transform their relationship with data; by applying data as a strategic asset, companies gain the ability to build innovative data-driven products and services that scale exponentially. Helping organizations around the world implement the data activation process for over 15 years, deep technologist and distributed systems architect Kent Langley shares his knowledge, experience, and proven techniques to help companies prosper in a dynamic global environment.” - From Amazon page

Contributing writers to watch

These are our writers who are working on their first books and/or have been very active contributors to ExO Insight.

Beatrice Barbazzeni

While she hasn’t published a book yet, she has written for dozens of academic journals and has contributed over 27 well-researched articles for ExO Insight. Definitely keep an eye on this prolific writer who will one day have a book of her own.  

Paul Epping

He’s a longstanding member of OpenExO, early adopter of the Singularity University, serial entrepreneur, co-founder, and chairman of Xponential, a transformation platform based in Dubai. As a former healthcare provider (mainly in the mental health area), psychologist, philosopher, and information technologist. His fields of interest are systems and critical thinking. He combines (converges!) these areas to be able to develop holistic views on phenomena that are shaping the world.

Words from Paul below.

In the end, everything will be scarce

Exponential technologies are an increasingly gaining phenomenon of importance. We were taught to think positively about the future and use statistics that are showing that the world is getting better all the time. We live in a world where abundance is the norm and where scarcity is the playfield of the doomed.  But what exactly does ‘better’, ‘abundance’, ‘scarcity’, ‘singularity’ mean? That we live longer, that we can cure more diseases, less poverty, better education, better access to information, and more. What about the quality of all this and for whom? ‘It is easy to talk about hunger when your tummy is full,’ said one of my philosophy professors a long time ago. It still holds.  

Having been a long-standing promoter of exponential growth, I’m gradually moving towards the conclusion that this specifically applies to people who do have access to information, resources, and capital. Those attributes are not very well distributed, whereas ‘the singularity’ is getting nearer at high speed. Are we not facing an exponential disconnect of many things at the same time? That this even includes ourselves, (who are we?) is an observation that we might be taken a bit more seriously. The Covid-19 pandemic is revealing evidence of the conclusion of disconnection every day. The core principle of a system has become scarce… its parts have become more important while blindfolding the system (or systems) where it is part of.

‘When will the services of the Singularity University be demonetized and then democratized’? A symbolic provocative title to create awareness that all the focus on exponential growth is serving one big goal: how to make money in the fastest way possible. The popular Massive Transformative Purpose leans towards the first part: massiveness. Propelled by the idea of abundant opportunities. The Singularity University gave birth to a lot of new approaches to existing problems. The famous 6 D’s of exponential growth: digitization, deception, disruption, demonetization, dematerialization, and democratization, is embraced by many companies. What are we forgetting stubbornly a 7th D: Dispersion? By the time things get democratized, and according to the model ‘free for everyone, it will be obsolete! Because meanwhile something new, and better, is about to disrupt the market.

Angela Faye

Angela is a mobilizing speaker, impact coach, and promoter who LOVES to empower purpose-driven individuals & geographically connected property owners to imagine & build “Places Worth Living For”. Angela leverages her own 10x Mindset, plus core competencies of business building, destination development, and public relations to help others breakthrough ‘building blocks’ and access maximum happiness, social impact, and profits through “place” in rapidly changing times.

Angela leads by example – her & partner each made their first $1 million by building, then selling Award-Winning commercial buildings & businesses while having the BOLD vision of contributing to Vancouver Island as ‘Sustainability Capital of the World!’. Raised a ‘Vulcanite’ with three entrepreneurial parents – a farmer, travel agent, educator, Angela has lived coast-to-coast in Canada and is a duo, Canadian-Australian citizen. Ang has diverse experience in economic & business development, facilities management, destination development, place-based events logistics, and community acceleration.

Today, Angela is an ExO Speaker, Sprint Coach and is EBELI (Evidence-Based-Entrepreneurship-Lean-Innovation) certified; a Host for Canada’s Podcast: #1 podcast for entrepreneurs and NextGen Economy Podcast; and Vancouver Island Ambassador for Island Innovation, the world’s most diverse social impact network dedicated to Island-based sustainability projects.  As Founder, FuturVille: the #1 Accelerator Program & Platform for Places Worth Living For, Angela’s Moonshot is to empower 1 million property owners with exponential inspiration, training, and tools to create unique live, work, play destinations. And, her Massively Transformative Objective is to facilitate the design, marketing, sales, and business development of 2,000 ‘villages of the future’ by 2028.

Angela is seeking collaborators and contributors with expertise in property development, decentralized autonomous organizations, land use, exponential technologies in housing/food/entertainment/health/off-grid utilities/transport for the book, FuturVille: The Rise of Exponential Places. The book is a guide for property owners to leverage SCALE, IDEAS, and PLACE to create desirable live-work-play destinations in the age of exponential technologies.

Peter Wicher

Peter is writing a novel with his friend, Dr. Norman Link. Eternal Samurai, the current working title is expected to be available later this year. The book is about a renowned samurai who loses everything, including her human life, at the close of a great civil war. Turned into a vampire by an enemy soldier, she lives in obscurity for 900 years as an anonymous protector of women and children. Her identity and existence are now threatened when clandestine actors seek to destroy her and to decode the genetic essence of her powers.

This historical fiction novel for young adults takes the reader through pivotal points in Japanese history and culture. Imperial family secrets force the ancient myth of vampirism to collide with exponentially growing digital technologies.

Simon Nopp

Simon is one of the early members of the OpenExo community and supports organizations and entrepreneurs in designing and evolving early-stage ideas into successful organizations that make a massive impact. He failed his first start-up when he was 23 and since then is fully committed to continuous learning and creating a positive impact in the world. Simon builds his business relationships based on trust, enjoys networking and chatting with new people, and strongly believes in serving and giving to others. You can reach out to him for a chat anytime on his Linkedin here.

There are so many amazing contributing writers that I failed to mention in this piece. I’m sure there are some hidden gold nuggets that I’ve left behind. Be sure to check out their articles on our author page.

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Lisa’s MTP is leveraging innovation for equity, so all voices are heard. Senior Editor at OpenExO & working on the Exponential Organizations Book series. Worked at SU & Stanford. ASNE Reynolds Fellow.