XOXO Token Migration: All You Need to Know

OpenExO is migrating all EXOS tokens to XOXO tokens on the Casper blockchain to enhance security, scalability, & functionality, with a 90-day window & a 10:1 split, closing on August 15, 2024. It is crucial for token holders to complete the process to avoid their EXOS tokens becoming unsupported.

ExO Insight
ExO Insight

Starting in April 2024, OpenExO is embarking on a significant migration of all EXOS tokens to the new XOXO token on the Casper blockchain. This transition aims to enhance security, scalability, and overall functionality. The migration window is set for 90 days, during which the migration tool will be operational. After this period, OpenExO will shut down all EXOS infrastructure, including nodes and servers. Notably, the new XOXO token will undergo a 10:1 split, providing 10 XOXO for every 1 EXOS.

Key Dates and Deadlines

  • Migration Start Date: April 2024
  • Migration End Date: August 15, 2024
  • Important Notice: Post-migration, all EXOS tokens will be rendered unsupported and worthless. It's crucial to migrate within the designated window.

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The migration of EXOS tokens to XOXO is a crucial step for our community. It aims to enhance scalability and security while avoiding search engine issues with the current ticker symbol. This migration will officially close on August 15, 2024, making it essential for all token holders to complete the process before this deadline.

One key point to note is that we will never contact you directly on Discord or any other platform to request wallet details or tokens. Be wary of potential scams and ensure that you use only official communication channels for any migration-related activities.

The decision to migrate to the Casper Network comes with significant benefits. The new network provides enhanced scalability and robust security features, which are critical for the growth of the XOXO ecosystem. Additionally, the Casper Network supports upgradable smart contracts, fostering a more dynamic and adaptable environment for future developments.

The rebranding from EXOS to XOXO also addresses a practical issue. Search engines often block the EXOS ticker symbol when it is prefixed with a $, hindering our visibility and reach. The new XOXO branding circumvents this issue, allowing for better search engine performance and broader recognition.

For those who do not participate in the swap, it is important to understand that existing EXOS tokens will become unsupported and essentially worthless after the migration period. Participating in the swap is essential to ensure your tokens are converted to XOXO and retain their value.

The migration process itself involves a token swap on a 1:10 basis, where EXOS tokens are burned in exchange for XOXO tokens. Detailed steps for this process are available in an instructional video, ensuring a smooth and straightforward transition for all users.

This migration not only lays a more efficient and secure foundation for our ecosystem but also paves the way for new features, enhanced services, and increased interest from developers. The improved infrastructure will significantly impact on

Stay updated through our Discord channel and newsletters, which will provide ongoing information throughout the migration process.

For more detailed assistance, visit our XOXO Token Migration Help Page and check out the instructional videos and FAQs. If you still have issues, please reach out to us on our Discord channel.

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