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Lisa Pereira
Lisa Pereira

As I write this, we now have over 450 community-generated articles on ExO Insight. A big thank you to the 85+ thought leaders from the OpenExO community. If you are looking for more inspiration from members within the OpenExO community, here’s a list of our published authors who have contributed to ExO Insight.

Unlock a world of knowledge and inspiration! Explore captivating reads through our carefully curated list of books** written by our ExO Insight authors. As a gesture of support, we've included some OpenExO Affiliate links, allowing you to not only delve into intriguing content but also contribute to the growth of our community. Embark on a journey of discovery by clicking on the titles of these books—your gateway to a wealth of wisdom awaits.

**Content about the listed books is taken from either the author's website or Amazon page.

We'll begin with the book that finally came out this year, Exponential Organizations 2.0: The New Playbook for 10x Growth and Impact

Best-selling authors Salim Ismail, Peter H. Diamandis, and Michael S. Malone collaborated with more than 80 global OpenExO community members to create this second edition.

You can purchase the book on Paperback, Hardcover, and Kindle. The audiobook is coming soon. We are working on the audio version now, so stay tuned.

There's also the timeless classic that planted the seeds for OpenExO.

Exponential Organizations: Why new organizations are ten times better, faster, and cheaper than yours (and what to do about it)

by Salim Ismail  (Author), Michael S. Malone  (Author), Yuri van Geest (Author), Peter H. Diamandis  (Foreword)

Frost & Sullivan’s 2014 Growth, Innovation, and Leadership Book of the Year. In business, performance is key. In performance, how you organize can be the key to growth.

An ExO can eliminate the incremental, linear way traditional companies get bigger, leveraging assets like community, big data, algorithms, and new technology into achieving performance benchmarks ten times better than its peers. In EXPONENTIAL ORGANIZATIONS, they walk the reader through how any company, from a startup to a multi-national, can become an ExO, streamline its performance, and grow to the next level.

Then came Exponential Transformation: Evolve Your Organization (and Change the World) With a 10-Week ExO Sprint

by Salim Ismail  (Author), Francisco Palao  (Author), Michelle Lapierre (Author)

A practical handbook for using Exponential Organization to transform your organization—and disrupt your industry—in 10 weeks

Exponential Transformation is the detailed implementation handbook for becoming an Exponential Organization. The book enables organizations to speed up their transformation and overcome the obstacles to success.

The Exponential Individual Playbook: Live Your Best Life, Transform the Human Spirit and Better the World

by Ann BoothelloEric PatelKevin AllenKarina Besprosvan, Anthony Boschi, Mac Carvalho, Philip Earnhart, Niki FaldemalaeiAngela Faye, David Forman, Julie Hamilton, Paola Hurtado, Howard Rankin, Steven Rodriguez, Gerard Scheenstra, Mynor Schult, Dolapo Tukuru  

"We concluded that the building blocks for any collective, be it an organization, community, family or circle of friends - are the individuals themselves. If individuals are not firstly aligned with themselves - body, mind, soul and spirit - they will not function as optimal individuals within the collective. Secondly, if the energy they expend in the work they do is not aligned to that of the collective’s common purpose, neither they nor the collective will thrive. Hence finding the others to co-create with, be it to build a home, produce a creative project, grow a social good initiative or in work is critical to nurturing our sense of belonging and cultivate harmony. In order to ensure collective harmony, individuals must deepen their level of self-awareness so that they can contribute to their own level of fulfillment and the greater good.

With burn-out, mental health and the pre- and post-pandemic lifestyle implications being a harsh reality, The Exponential Individual Playbook & initiatives that surround it, were birthed to help alleviate these global trends and create a promising future.The Exponential Individual Playbook is a collection of pathways and your guide to becoming your best self and living a more harmonious life."

The above books are by Niki Faldemolaei

Lead With Livecast: The Complete Blueprint to Monetizing Your Speaking Gigs, Workshops and Teaching Content

Finally a marketing guide that leverages billions of smartphone and tablet users who make their buying decisions online.  "Lead With Livecast" gives you monetization strategies that position you as the expert in your field by capturing your content once and repurposing it to deliver in every format, to every device, everywhere in the world.  You will learn to leverage the 800# gorillas that are Amazon, Apple Store, Google and YouTube to take advantage of billions of buyers who shop from their smartphones and tablets.  And, with the death of cable TV looming, your are in the right place at the right time to produce your own show with these same strategies.  Buy this "must-have" guide and share your "aha" moments in the comments and in your social networks.

Build To Grow: 14 Thought Leaders Deliver Engagement Strategies For The C-Suite

14 New Easy-To-Implement Strategies Help C-Suite Execs Slash Employee Turnover, Marketing, Healthcare Costs By 10% Or More

C-Suite execs face a growing firestorm of profit-killers: Sky-high healthcare and marketing costs, constantly shaky and shifting technology landscapes, and an unparalleled turnover rate... with typical (median) employee replacement costs now at 21.4% of annual salary*. A new book launches today aimed at taking down these challenges....

“Many C-Suite execs feel like their companies are in a financial and competitive straight-jacket. After months of searching for best-in-breed solutions to C-Suite challenges in our mastermind group, we decided to publish our top strategies in this book,” says Miguel de Jesus, one of 14 co-authors of “Build To Grow” which is currently climbing the best-seller charts on Amazon. “We wanted [the book] to give busy executives a sigh of relief, and I think we’ve accomplished that.”

Disruptive Profits: How to Navigate the New Tech to Stay Relevant in a New World of Life Extension, AR/VR. Robotics & 3D Prosthetics

By now we've all learned about the concept of the 6D's by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler (Digitized, Deceptive, Disruptive, Dematerialize, Demonetize and Democratize) and The Singularity brought back into our awareness by Ray Kurzweil and Peter Diamandis, Founders of Singularity University.

In this book we will focus on the disruptive "D", the knee of the exponential growth curve where people and organizations are frenzied over how to adapt and innovate to survive the inevitable. The technologies shaping the rapid transformation of our way of life include artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, biotech, medicine, neuroscience, data science, 3D printing, nanotechnology, bioinformatics and energy.

There's Money In This Book: 17 Secrets from a Marketing Mastermind

Ever wish you could sit in a room with over a dozen of the top marketers? There's Money In This Book does just that - it puts you right in the middle of today's top marketers, giving you pieces of advice to help take your business to the next level!

The above books were written (some coauthored) by Kamales Lardi. Be sure to visit her site, where you can download some of these books and learn more about additional books she's for.

The Human Side of Digital Business Transformation

Master the essential human component of digital transformation. This book "delivers an essential and practical exploration of the real-world implementation of digital transformation. The book teaches readers how to drive digital business transformation success by addressing a key element – the people side of transformation. This includes managing internal stakeholders, such as leadership teams and employees, as well as external stakeholders, such as customer, partners and supplier."

Social Media Strategy: A Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your Social Business

The Social Media Strategy Framework presented in this book offers a unique and comprehensive end-to-end approach. It takes a company from the point of understanding the value of social media for business to the point of implementing a solution that meets its business needs.

Digital Transformation: How to develop strategy under uncertainty

Digital Business Transformation: Move your business into the digital age

Novel Innovation Design for the Future of Health: Entrepreneurial Concepts for Patient Empowerment and Health Democratization

Edited by Michael Friebe, PhD

"This book highlights the reasons for an urgently needed revision of the current global healthcare setup, discusses the needed mindset for a future of health, and provides a comprehensive development toolset for disruption (and for the needed incremental innovations towards disruption).

Written by experts from academia and industry, the book covers important basics and best practices, as well as recent developments. Chapters are concise and enriched with key messages, learning objectives and real innovation examples to bridge theory and practice. This book aims to serve as a teaching base for health innovation design and to prepare for health-related entrepreneurial ventures.

Readers with medical, biomedical, biotechnology, and health economics backgrounds - and anyone who wants to become a future-oriented health innovator or who believes in disruptive approaches - will find this book a useful resource and teaching tool for developing validated products/ services and processes for the future of health."

Codify Your Purpose: The Guide To An Empowering Journey Of Personal Discovery

by Luca Leonardini

"What is purpose? Why is it important for you? People who are connected to their purpose experience more meaningful lives and have more positive relationships, better health, and career advancement.

In recent times, attention to purpose has been growing steadily and attracting interest in online and offline media, leading universities, and prestigious scientific publications.

In writing “Codify Your Purpose” Luca’s goal is to help as many people as possible to take their first step on what will hopefully become an extraordinary journey of empowerment and self-discovery."

EBELI (Evidence Based Entrepreneurship & Lean Innovation): The Method to the Madness of Venture Building


EBELI (Evidence Based Entrepreneurship & Lean Innovation) is a system that has been created, curated, and matured for the last 20 years to help move ideas and academic research to the market and thus, provide a solution to real and relevant problems. With EBELI you can design and develop New Ventures based on technology, not based on technology, for profit, not for profit, aimed at high impact, focused on public policy, etc. You can read more EBELI book and purchase the book on Amazon.

SOUL OF THE SEA: In the Age of the Algorithm

by Nishan Degnarain (Author), Gregory S Stone (Author)

“This publication draws upon the fields of science, economics, and business strategy to chart the future of humankind’s relationship to the ocean. A healthy ocean provides the basis for a prosperous world, and oceans have been largely ignored as a driver of human well-being until now. Ocean health has been in a serious state of decline for the past 100 years from a range of pressures including human population growth, energy consumption, and use of natural resources. Humanity will exceed the resources and environmental conditions necessary to exist, within the next century if nothing changes. Solutions to these challenges lie not only in traditional resource conservation management but in new fields of technology, governance, and innovation.”

Amplified: Unleash Your Potential Through the Power of Music

by Frank Fitzpatrick

“Amplified: Unleash Your Potential Through the Power of Music offers fresh, innovative way to relate to and experience music. The book shows a reader how to use the power of music in your everyday life by awakening creativity, rewiring your brain, deepening your relationships and amplifying your potential.

How can you tune your body, mind, and spirit to hear the voice of your own calling? How can you use music to perform optimally in an increasingly dysfunctional and disruptive world? These are the questions we will explore together.”  You can find the book review Nishan Degnarain wrote here.

Exponential Entrepreneur: Growth 10X By Leveraging Mindset And Convergent Technologies (Exponential Business Growth)

by Mynor Schult

Exponential Entrepreneur reflects his MTP to help businesses grow exponentially to elevate living conditions in Latin America.

“This book dissects the attributes, innovations, and actions of entrepreneurs around the world, especially the mavericks from Silicon Valley. These exponential entrepreneurs, time after time, have grown their companies 10X or even 100x better, faster, and cheaper than their competition. They are not magicians or have superpowers, however, these entrepreneurs follow certain mindsets to exponentiate business growth. The methodologies, attributes, and mindsets are revealed here, so you can model them to take your company to the next level.”

Taming the Machine: Ethically Harness the Power of AI

by Nell Watson

Out this year! Demystify AI and discover how it can improve your productivity and innovation at work with Taming the Machine, an accessible and comprehensive insight into the practical mechanisms, ethics and potential of AI.

The All-Seeing Algorithm: Technology For Tyranny And Liberation

by Nell Watson

This book will address How Emerging Technologies are changing everything, to the benefit of whom, and for what ultimate purpose will be coming out this year. Her website is filled with articles she’s written and books she’s contributed to.

We stand at a pivotal moment in history. Our actions in this time will decide our future, whether it’s a kind future that rewards fairness and respects dignity, or a darker one of insidious oppression. This  TV series and companion book educates the reader in the present capabilities, the emerging possibilities, and the future eventualities of these transformative times. - From Nell Watson's Website

Stuck Here, With Everywhere To Go: How to do business out in the world, without international travel

by Sophie Krantz

“If you are an international business leader unable to travel for business, after reading the book you will be able to:

Explore how you can do business out in the world, achieving commercial objectives and strategic targets, in a low-tech, no-investment and low-touch way. This can be with team members, partners, investors or clients.

Learn how to strengthen your ability to communicate and have rich conversations with key stakeholders when the option to meet face-to-face is not an option for you, although it may be possible for your competition.

Develop your own brand and leadership style, demonstrating to internal and external stakeholders that international business remains a firm priority to you and your company. You will also enjoy getting back out into the word again.

Are you feeling stuck here, with everywhere to go out in the world? If you are, this book will help you get going.”

Super-Entrepreneurship Decoded: 5 Secret Keys to Create Breakthrough Businesses that Change the World

by Fabrice Testa

Super-Entrepreneurship Decoded will show you step by step how to make that dream a reality, from tackling an insurmountable problem to creating the kind of breakthrough business that can fix it.

Learn about the Age of Exponential Acceleration, in which super-entrepreneurs have become motivated to act boldly in solving the world’s biggest problems. Discover the five secrets of the top super-achievers who are changing the way we travel, eat, work, and simply go about our daily lives.

By applying the unique method presented in Super-Entrepreneurship Decoded, you will be able to materialize your dreams, build your own future, and achieve anything you want in life.”


by Marc-Antoine Tschopp

"The success of any company depends on a small number of significant decisions made by the CEO. But how do you ensure that you have the mindfulness to make that one decision right when it matters the most? The tsunamis of economic conditions and competition will continue to slap against your ship, but that doesn’t mean you have to be tossed about. There is a way to stay above water. That’s how I built my businesses, and that is precisely how I have been guiding great CEOs over the last twenty years.

This book is a potent summary of the insights I gained by working with some of the most brilliant minds across various industries. I have learned that consciousness is the fundamental difference between a great leader and an average one. Great CEOs operate from a level of conviction and decisiveness that comes from a heightened consciousness. The more we trust this perfection, the better decisions we make."

Hey, Who Left The Back Door Open?: A Holistic Approach to Cybersecurity

by Mark Fishburn

A Holistic Approach to Cybersecurity. (Third Edition November 2022) This work looks beyond IT, beginning with the executive team and encompassing all aspects of your organization - including IT of course, its people, distributed workforce, associates, and suppliers.

It provides guidance on the mind-bending topic of Cybersecurity in a world where technology is moving faster than you can read about it. Finally, it provides a playbook of over 100 actions. If they enable you to mitigate the weakest links, the most vulnerable areas of your organization’s business existence, then this work will have succeeded. It addresses delegating security functions to third parties without abdicating your executive team's responsibility if you don’t have scarce in-house cybersecurity expertise."

All three books above are by Jim Harris.

Blindsided: How to Spot the Next Breakthrough That Will Change Your Business Forever

Why are companies blindsided? The speed of change, driven by new technology, mergers, and competition mean the business landscape is more chaotic than ever before. While it took TV ten years to attract ten million users, it took Netscape twenty-eight months, Hotmail eighteen months, and Napster only nine months.

In a world where chaos is the norm, Blindsided by Jim Harris presents a series of practical techniques to help business leaders identify trends earlier and more accurately predict their impact when the tumult of the market threatens to throw plans off course.

Emotional Learning: Sustaining Success Despite Life's Ups and Downs

Emotional Learning is the key to thriving in life and business, despite the inevitable ups and downs. How we get along with other people is more important than how much we know. This book builds on the concepts Jim Harris presented in his first book The Learning Paradox. That book argues that 80% of the technology we will use in our day-to-day lives in just 10 years hasn't been invented yet. Therefore, job security today is based on learning, changing and accepting uncertainty. Paradoxically, what we fear most as adults is learning, changing and uncertainty. Our job security is based on the very thing we fear most.

The Learning Paradox: Gaining Success & Security In a World of Change

The most potent catalyst in a firm's success is change. In this insightful book, Jim Harris details the philosophy and specifics of creating companies that respond successfully to change. With practical advice from companies who've made resilience a corporate motto, The Learning Paradox offers insights on how to adapt to the chaotic new world of business, including how to create, motivate, and continuously improve, and design systems and structures for growth.

Rogue Waves: Future-Proof Your Business to Survive and Profit from Radical Change by Jonathan Brill

“In Rogue Waves, Jonathan Brill―a renowned expert on resilient growth and decision-making under uncertainty―shows you how to prepare your business to survive and thrive through the most radical upheavals.

This must-read survival guide provides the predictive tools you need to take advantage of randomness, turn chaos into profit, and set your company on the course for long-term success. Resilience is your new strategy for growth.”

The above books were written by Mary Butler

Legendary Leadership in Scaleups: Why founders become a liability and how to prevent it

Are you stuck, thinking 'where to from here'? Are you overwhelmed and exhausted from trying to do it all, yet unsure of what you should (and shouldn't) be doing?

It's time to enjoy this adventure again. You can be the best founder as leader to your team by shifting from doer to leader, and from operations to strategy.

This essential book examines the importance of learning to let go. It matters for you, your team and your business.

What The Hell Do We Do Now?: An enterprise guide to COVID-19 and beyond by Alex Hagan  (Author), Mary Butler  (Author), Brent Hodgson  (Author), Monique Beedles (Author), & 14 more

“In What The Hell Do We Do Now? 18 authors explore the tools and frameworks that can help you and your organization navigate and emerge from the crisis in better shape than when you entered it. The contributors draw on their own research across a wide range of domains, including Psychology, Systems Thinking, Genetics, Strategic Foresight, and Neurodiversity. The book follows the narrative arc of Victoria Lynn Schmidt’s Heroine‘s Journey, a journey of being thrust into chaos and returning transformed through the challenges faced."

Le organizzazioni esponenziali in Italia

by Emanuela Logozzo

Più veloci e performanti, aperte e vincenti: la strategia che mette il turbo alle aziende migliorando il business e cambiando il mondo.
Con le tecnologie digitali utilizzate alla loro massima possibilità, una ventina d’anni fa si è constatato che il tasso di crescita delle organizzazioni mette il turbo. Se nel mondo pre informatizzato la crescita procedeva con il tempo, questa regola con l’avvento delle tecnologie digitali è saltata. Non solo. Se si fa l’uso dell’outsourcing al massimo grado, se si organizza la domanda con velocità elevata e se si costruisce una community che ti supporta, si è visto che le cose cambiano in meglio.

The above are just some of the book by Oscar Schmitz Be sure to check his website for dozens more books that he's written.

Here is a list of some of the titles:

PlayBook: 100 razones razonables para perder el future - "Nunca lo hemos hecho antes". "No funcionará en nuestra empresa". "No tenemos el personal". "No es nuestro problema".

Estas son solo algunas de las frases que se utilizan como justificaciones para evitar el cambio y mantenerse en una zona de confort aparentemente segura. Sin embargo, detrás de estas aparentes razones razonables, subyace el temor a lo desconocido, el miedo a perder el control, la resistencia al aprendizaje y la aversión al riesgo.

Inteligente, malvado o estúpido (Spanish Edition) - Pero la realidad de la estupidez humana impacta en el mundo, y yo ahí buscando respuestas a preguntas equivocadas. Alguna fuerza humanidad de bien, que voy a buscar descubrir en las próximas líneas, hace que no nos extingamos como humanidad que busca transformar el mundo para un futuro mejor.

Cien días en calma: Un libro para compartir, aprender e inspirar - Este libro es donde cuento cada reflexión que mi mente me regalaba después de cada meditación en estos 100 días en calma.En esa calma me encontré con mi propósito extraordinario, quién guía todas las acciones de mi vida: "Transformar a las personas del mundo inspirándolas del ser imposible al hacer posible"

Cómo transformar tu mentalidad de escasez a la de abundancia La abundancia puede ser una bendición o una maldición. Sin embargo, también existe el riesgo de que la abundancia digital nos sobrecargue y nos haga perder de vista la importancia del análisis crítico, la reflexión y el pensamiento creativo. Por lo tanto, es importante encontrar un equilibrio entre aprovechar los beneficios de la abundancia digital y proteger nuestra capacidad de pensar de manera crítica, reflexiva y creativa.

The AI Matrix: El principio del fin - Neo, el momento de la verdad ha llegado. La inteligencia artificial se ha infiltrado en cada rincón de nuestras vidas y amenaza con usurpar el papel de los programadores humanos como un desafío, luego de tomar el control de otros roles laborales. Pero no todo está perdido.

Playbook: 100 razones razonables para perder el futuro

A través de historias reales, cautivadoras y profundamente inspiradoras, "100 razones razonables para perder el futuro" nos sumerge en el mundo del cambio y la transformación. Nos muestra las frases comunes que utilizamos para evitar enfrentarnos a lo desconocido y cómo estas razones aparentemente razonables pueden ser barreras que nos impiden alcanzar nuestro potencial.

PlayBook: ChatGPT 3.0 β Prompt Engineering

Con este PlayBook, aprenderás los principios fundamentales de "Prompt Engineering" para aplicar a ChatGPT. Descubre cómo crear prompt efectivos que impulsen conversaciones atractivas e informativas y a solucionar los problemas comunes que pueden surgir al utilizar esta poderosa herramienta.

Again, be sure to check out his website for dozens more books that he's written.

Professor(Dr) Sanjay Rout has dozens of books on Amazon. Be sure to visit his Amazon page to see everything he's written.

The Secrets of Future Disruptive Hi-Tech Ideas & Innovations: Impacting on Modern Business & Society

Disruption of Quantum Physics Myths

NFT Publishing Future

Steps to Entrepreneurship Success

Exponential Future Business

This book narrates Exponential growth is the price of change measured over a given quantity of equal time periods. Basically, when a business grows via a hundred% (or doubles) over multiple time periods, each growth of one hundred% is added to the beginning value, ensuing in compounding and an environment of the exponential boom.

Again, there are many more books. Visit his Amazon page to see what he's written.

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