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Brain, Grit, & Rock’n’Roll: My 10 Top Tips To Become The Exponential Winner Of Your Life

“You spend most of the time in your MIND. Make it a NICE place to be.” Meditate to control your thoughts to transform them into effective actions while reading and using words to enrich your thoughts.

Beatrice Barbazzeni
Beatrice Barbazzeni

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.”  (John Quincy Adams)

Ladies and gentlemen… The last article of this series on leadership 4.0 and digital transformation, and probably the most waited, is nowhere!

We talked about leadership styles, traits and theories, leadership in industry 4.0, and digital transformation, and which are the top qualities that a leader should evolve to digitally transform. We discussed how stereotypes and biases influence how leadership is perceived while determining gender differences in workplaces and how women can be empowered to express their true leadership vocation. A long journey that accompanied us over the last few weeks brings us today, ending this series on leadership 4.0. In this regard, I aimed to conclude the series by giving you my 10 top tips to becoming the winner of your life, from the moment that my Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP) is “empowering inner potential that leads to the growth of exponential winners.” My attitude in coaching, leading, and inspiring others brought me here, telling you more about myself. Currently, two main activities fulfill my life: my Ph.D. in Neuroscience (finally almost at the end!) with related research collaborations and my fitness routine. Nevertheless, to know a bit more, check out my live stream with OpenExO if you missed it.

Recently, I read the book of Tim S. Grover, W1NNING. I recommend it if you are the kind of person who sees life as a constant competition between you and yourself and feels that anything isn’t enough anymore, once you tasted the first success—committed to working hard, without complaints or regrets. In his book, Tim Grover describes his thirteen definitions of winning. However, he describes each of them with “#1” because they are equally important, and none is prior over another. So, I found this very insightful, and I was inspired to steal this idea for my article. Thank you, Tim!

Are you ready to take note? Yes? Awesome, let’s crush this!

#1 Wake up early: you would gain 13 months in a year

“If you are not doing some things that are crazy, then you are doing the wrong things.” (Larry Page)

To make my day, I regularly wake up at 5:30 am (when needed even earlier). Most of you would say I am CRAZY. You are probably right. However, this gives me an ADVANTAGE. Starting a few tasks earlier leads me to achieve way more daily activities than probably the general population.

If you think waking up earlier would give you at least two more hours in a day, and if you multiply it every week and month, you can have more days in a year! Right now, 2 hours may sound like nothing to you. This results in a total of 28 days in a year… Well, it’s a MONTH! TIME is the most precious thing you have in life. It’s precious because you can not get it back. That’s why you should USE it and ORGANIZE it wisely! Having more time in a day allows you also to manage your tasks with less stress and confusion. It will enable you to do multiple things in a day REGULARLY, whether it’s about working on extra projects, working out, cooking, cleaning home, meeting friends, self-care, or just chilling out with music or a movie. To be EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT, you should learn to organize and manage your day. You must dedicate the proper time to your work and for yourself, too. You need an organized space to work and FOCUS and personal space that it’s just yours to RECHARGE the batteries. And remember, it will never be about “having the time,” but rather “finding the time.”

Advice: Trust me. Go and set your alarm clock EARLIER to exchange that “busy me” into “BEST ME” time.

#1 Stay committed to your commitment: the most trusted marriage

Listen. If you do not take responsibility for your results, no one else will do it for you. How many times have I heard, “I did work hard on that, but no results so far… I am not motivated, so I quit.” Wrong! Big achievements come from HARD and PERSISTENT work. Most of the time, you will see your results in years, or maybe even never. It doesn’t mean you have to quit after a week or that your goal is not worth reaching. Probably you should learn to RE-THINK your STRATEGY if you have the feeling that you did everything for it. A problem has multiple, CREATIVE solutions. Then just apply them to restructure your way to success. Most important is that you learn to develop a personal approach to face challenges. When something is personal to us and suitable for our personality and lifestyle, it is easier to stay committed. And believe me, when you discover your WHY, that flame will always be on, and no one can stop you from reaching your GOALS. This is a LONG-LIFE marriage between you and yourself.

In this regard, Peter Drucker made an insightful consideration about the difference between being efficient and effective. “Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.” Indeed, he clearly says that before investing your time and energy in a task, you should ask yourself whether you are doing the right thing or if you should spend those energies on something else.

Advice: Remember. It is only about YOU. So now sit and set your PLAN to do the right thing. And if you need, look for a mentor/coach that can guide you on the right path.

#1 Discipline: your daily meal to build successful habits

How many times do you use the word “motivation”? Probably, too many. How many times did you quit a task/activity/commitment/whatever because you lacked motivation? Probably, too many. How many times did you associate the word “discipline” with something negative and authoritarian? Probably, too many. And how many times did you feel disappointed, upset, or unsatisfied because you could not reach your goal, even if it were little, e.g., cleaning home, eating healthy, or regularly going to the gym? Probably, too many.

See. You can imagine motivation like a flux. Today is up and growing. Tomorrow is down and empty. It’s exciting but also unpredictable and may drain your energy in opposite directions without a clear focus. Now imagine discipline as a BRICK. At first, it looks heavy, with a REGULAR, boring shape. But brick by brick can build up a solid CASTLE where you can feel protected every day, in POWER, and on top of the world. Can you understand now why relying on building discipline is way more worthwhile and effective than motivation?

Everyone is telling me, “how can you be so motivated, every single day to be where you are, to do what you do?” Rephrase, “how can you be so DISCIPLINED, every single day to be where you are, to do what you do?” In fact, it is hard. It’s TERRIBLY HARD every single day. But my mind and my heart would feel way worse if I wouldn’t work as much to achieve my goals. Whether it’s about my scientific career or my eating habits, fitness, and artistic passions. It doesn’t matter what you do. It matters HOW you do it. Time and perseverance will pay you back for that effort.

Advice: Be PATIENT and TRUST the process. Hard work always pays off. And when you succeed, the feeling of being a WINNER will never be enough. Instead, you will be pushed to do even more.

Below are a few tips that are commonly shared also on the web by self-development coaches.

Photo by Beatrice Barbazzeni on Canva

#1 Empower yourself with positive affirmations and take note

Humans need to define themselves, and they usually do this by using words and putting them into categories. “I am a scientist,” “I am an entrepreneur,” “I am a generous person,” “I am friendly,” “I am …”. Although words help us identify our IDENTITY, the risk is that we tend to define ourselves with words and thoughts, influencing our actions and mood. “I am a failure, I will never be able to finish that project,” “Today I could not resist eating that cake! I am a real uncontrollable person, even on a diet!”, “I helped him a few times already. Definitely, I am very unselfish”, “I…, so,...”.

WORDS and thoughts can be very powerful but also very dangerous. The repetition of a statement will be impressed in our brain and will create a belief. Ok, if the belief is positive, “I am great!” That's fine, our self-esteem will thank us, but if the belief is negative, “I am nothing,” well, I do not think our life will shine anymore.

For a year, I have kept a diary. I bought it as an agenda, but I have never used an agenda before (thanks to my good memory). So, one day I started to write down positive affirmations about myself. Whether it was reflecting reality or not. Time by time, pages were full of thoughts of self-empowerment, wishes, and goals. And believe me. Whatever I was writing in that diary, it came true immediately. I was restructuring my thoughts (cognition), convincing my brain, generating new beliefs, and putting them into actions and mood of positive self-esteem. And when you are in the power of yourself, people around you perceive that ENERGY too. They will start approaching you differently. They will approach you in the way you SEE yourself. Self-fulfilling prophecy?  Law of attraction? The 101 wishes technique? Maybe it is a mix of all of this. Nevertheless, it works and has no side effects. Is it worth trying, isn’t it?

Advice: START today to write down POSITIVE and POWERFUL self-affirmations, goals, and wishes. And repeat this action daily. Be grateful and aware of all the POTENTIAL around you and inside you.

#1 Clear up your mind: meditation, thinking, and reading is a continuous process and task

There is one thing I did frequently notice in myself. My brain does not stop working. Yeah, ok, of course, the brain is always functioning (otherwise, we would be on the other side!) But, I mean, it is a continuous process of THINKING, RE-THINKING, and THINKING again. So I have a continuous exchange of thoughts, ideas, and reflections within me and myself. I admit sometimes I would like to switch it off, but I would prefer to learn how to control and order this vortex of thoughts instead of not thinking at all (which I believe is impossible).

MEDITATION helped me to clear up my mind. To stop unnecessary, intrusive thoughts and focus on those tasks and thoughts that matter for that moment. It is not easy, and I am still learning to know myself and how I perceive or interpret the world around me.

Nevertheless, I find very useful this ability to meditate and to reconnect with my inner self. You would never feel alone, and thinking before immediately reacting is a good exercise to REFLECT on your actions, on your words, and the effect you may have on others. I like to do NEUROFEEDBACK training to learn to meditate by controlling my brain waves associated with deep focus and calmness in real-time. Besides being a neurofeedback expert, due to my Ph.D., I do recommend Muse if you are also a D.I.Y. brain hacker lover. Nevertheless, a good meditation practice can just be finding a moment between you and yourself ALONE. Whether it is a walk in nature, a training session, a cozy cup of tea, a book reading, painting, or whatever stimulates your creativity with a light mind. The most important thing is that you should do it alone. Be protective of your time; you do need it.

Lastly, read inspiring books. Whether it is about self-development, business, leadership, spirituality, innovative thinking, or what intrigues you the most, READ it. To have insightful, eye-opening, and creative ideas or to think critically, you need to enrich your mind with enlightening words from wise and stimulating people.

Advice: “You spend most of the time in your MIND. Make it a NICE place to be.” Meditate to control your thoughts to transform them into effective actions while reading and using words to enrich your thoughts. If you follow the cycle that starts and ends up with thoughts, you will FLOURISH.

#1 Become “opportunities-aholic”: transform obstacles into chances

“The doors of opportunity are unlocked, but you’ll never know unless you try and open them first.”

If you want to be seen, you need to show up yourself first. Otherwise, no one will knock at your door. I am used to telling this to people because they always wonder how I can be involved in so many projects/activities simultaneously. Learning to say “YES” a bit more will translate into a FORTUNE, whether about workshops, collaborations, teamwork, learning a new language, a new skill, or whatever. I say YES. I do it because you will never know where your fortune is hidden. Maybe saying yes today to a project that is currently bothering you may reveal your best luck in a few months. Perhaps you meet the right person for your business or the one who can connect you with another, or either you had the chance to learn something to enrich your current expertise and resume.

To become an “opportunities-aholic” means that you seek new activities, learnings, and networks while exposing yourself to the world around you. However, the motor of this process is CURIOSITY. I join workshops or lectures most of the time because I am curious to see what it is about. It is always good to enlarge your perspectives and horizons with interdisciplinary topics and skills. This attitude to seek opportunities brought me to unlock my potential and my resources. I had the chance to transform my life, understanding, for example, what I am more willing and capable to do, or not. What I like and what I don’t. With whom I would like to collaborate or rather not. Seeking opportunities will reinforce the image you have about yourself. Learning multiple things makes you SPECIAL and RARE.

Becoming an opportunities-aholic person also means that you have a flexible and positive attitude. As a result, you will be able to transform challenges into chances. Remember that opportunities are always around the corner. However, the ability to recognize them is only up to you.

Advice: Learning to say “YES” is the key to transforming challenges into opportunities. Open that door; you will never know where your fortune is. "Multiple projects lead to multiple successes."

#1  Do not fear to be different from others: your uniqueness is the best thing about you

“No one in the world is going to beat you at being you.” (Naval Ravikant)

Have you ever felt compared to others? Whether it was at school, at work, or among your sports team peers. You probably remember your mother comparing you with your siblings or the best student at the college. Well, if not, you had a great childhood/adolescence. Indeed, comparing yourself with someone else makes no sense. It is like comparing a car with an apple. You can’t. And it is not even functional. This event can be even more dangerous when a relevant, authoritarian figure in your life (role model) is doing that to you. It is risky because the development of your PERSONAL personality can be influenced by external factors that do not belong to the inner you. Thus, deviating you from building and strengthening your authentic self and purpose.

I do agree that throughout life, everyone compares themselves with someone. Or they ideally had a HERO by which they were inspired to be. In my opinion, this process can be acceptable at younger ages, and it should leave in young adulthood when it is supposed that a person has a clear view of their identity. This is the process of GROWTH and restructuring our person gradually throughout experiences. But I also realize that due to the abundance of social media and digital interactions, we can barely differentiate what is real from what is fake. We tend to follow new “influencers” as they become the bible of 2021. But we do not realize that we put ourselves in a shadow, obscuring what we are.

Since I was a kid, I did differentiate from others, although my “role models” did not appreciate this tendency. Wearing a certain color, listening to certain music, or having different tastes from the general community and peers, can translate into biases and stereotypes. Nevertheless, I did not mind. Ok, everyone knows how much I love wearing black and my somehow “noisy” music taste. I do admit that it has always been like this, and I am PROUD of it. My mom visited me recently, and holding my hands; she told me, “are you still polishing your nails with black!?”. My answer was, “I am LOYAL to myself.” And with a whisper, she smiled at me.

This was a simple (probably also silly) example to tell you that you should never fear to be yourself. “Escape competition through authenticity,” Ravikant N. once said. CELEBRATE your UNIQUENESS. Face your shadows, whether you are an intelligent mathematician or an incredibly sloppy person that looks outside without the keys. When you START COMPARING YOURSELF WITH YOURSELF, you have much more room for improvement. Now you are comparing a car with another car. You can be a cheap Fiat Panda, but so AMBITIOUS to become an expensive and fast Lamborghini Veneno Roadster. It is just starting from you, looking at what works or not. What helps you grow or what is just limiting you that makes the DIFFERENCE. You can be the most intelligent person but lacking in social empathy. Then work on how you would approach others differently (if you suffer a bit of social isolation). Or if you are this catastrophic sloppy person that always arrives late to appointments, work to better manage your time and tasks (to avoid situations that would embarrass or stress you).

And BELIEVE me, anyone is fighting their own battle. So, do not overload yourself with fighting a battle that is not yours. Time wasted and zero results. The same relates to critiques. People like to judge and criticize others. Gossiping is one thing I dislike (keep that breath for saying something wiser, instead). Let people talk and forget about it. PROVE yourself with ACTIONS and go on in your direction. You might compare yourself with someone else ONLY IF this helps you GROW 10X BETTER, becoming the new EXPONENTIAL version of yourself. A little reminder of what you encountered in tip #1 Recognize your worth: select wisely your connections. Surround yourself with good examples and people that are way better than you. Indeed Marissa Mayer once said, “if you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room.” And in case you do not find them, transform yourself into the best and worth company ever.

Advice: REDIRECT the focus on YOU and your DIVERSITY. You are part of this universe, and it needs you just like you are. But, it asks you to be BRAVE and SHOW it up. So, stop hiding, and learn to embrace your shadows.

#1 Create a “comfort zone” that allows you to grow constantly

How many times did you read the sentence “step out from your comfort zone”? “It is the only way to UNLOCK your potential and to overcome your limits.” Well, true. But what if I tell you, “create a zone that is comfortable for you and that allows you to reach your goals and CONSTANTLY IMPROVE”? Doesn’t that sound better?

Let me explain. A “comfort zone” is not the sofa of your living room, neither your bed nor the donuts you would like to eat! The COMFORT zone, I mean, is a place that is in line with your personality, lifestyle, and needs, but at the same time, it helps you to step forward gradually. Coming back to #1 Stay committed to your commitment: the most trusted marriage and #1 Discipline: your daily meal to build successful habits tips, when you develop a personal strategy, is more acceptable and natural when facing challenges. This does not mean that everything will be easier and straightforward to the goal. But it allows you to play the game “at home.” I think it is a great advantage. The only recommendation is that you should “never rest on your laurels” just because you wanna go with your personal “flow.” Set SMART goals and MEASURE your PROGRESS. Objective measures will tell you whether your “comfort zone” allows you to grow constantly or not. Nevertheless, be prepared for constant changes when you grow, when you improve. You CHANGE. And you set the level of your bar always HIGHER than before. Somehow you are breaking your limits, but you already are setting new ones. Sometimes it is you that sets those limits, sometimes it is the circumstances or others around (e.g., at workplaces). Do not worry. You will develop your personal “weapons” to overcome everything at the right time.

Advice: Create a COMFORT ZONE that allows you to recognize and activate your INNER POTENTIAL. Unlimited doors and opportunities will immediately open in front of you.

#1 Recognize your worth: select wisely your connections

The moment you recognize your worth and are aware of it is the first step toward respecting yourself.

People may find themselves dealing with toxic relationships which do not leave space for evolving, absorbing all your energies, and letting you down.  The people you choose to have besides should be your ALLIES, not your enemies. An ally is someone that truly supports you, believes in you, and accepts you no matter what. An ally will genuinely tell you what’s wrong. They are HONEST, loyal, open, RESPECTFUL, and always ready to LISTEN to you. An ally allows you to grow and improve by being yourself. Your ally stimulates you with creative thoughts and EXCITING experiences. An ally is similar to the bear TED of the movie (although not that alcoholic!). Most importantly, you do not need so many supporters next to you. Indeed, to build strong and worthy relationships, you need to INVEST lots of QUALITY TIME. Thus, you cannot do it with everyone you meet, and a trusted friend/colleague is different from an acquaintance. Here we come to a big point. To surround yourself with “quality” people, you should learn to CUT OUT what is not needed and not in line with your personality and life purpose. They might deviate you from reaching your goals. Whether it sounds a bit harsh or selfish, you are doing a BIG favor to your soul and life path. And when you realize this, you are respecting yourself and your needs. Start to invest quality time into things and people that do matter. This relates well with the Greek myth of harpies.

The symbolic representation of harpies is about creatures that were responsible for everything that suddenly “disappeared.” When harpies break into our life, with their claws, they tear away something precious that we want to keep and protect because it belongs to us. And when they take it away, we feel like a tear in our hearts because we are incapable of stopping them, and there is nothing we can do to protect that precious thing. Indeed, GROWTH is a continuous confrontation where the harpies are around, and something is always being torn from our psyche (e.g., memories, emotions, moments, time). It is painful to meet harpies because we feel a constant sense of loss and laceration. When we become harpies, we SACRIFICE something precious of ourselves, we give up a part of ourselves for another person. But at the same time, it allows us to detach ourselves from parts that are now obsolete and dysfunctional. For example, if you are in a toxic relationship, you should learn to cut with that person and create a new you.

I recently read the latest book by Marco Montemagno, and he made a very insightful discussion around this concept. Indeed, he recalled what Joseph Schumpeter called “creative destruction” that to create something new, it is necessary to destroy something old. However, it is also true that we need to face changes every day, and we need to consider them throughout our growth process. This means that by transforming ourselves, our goals change, and we need to be aware of this mutual interplay, be flexible while welcoming changes, and understand their potential.

Advice: You should be ruthless, UNAPOLOGETIC, and ASSERTIVE. Let go of negative and old parts of you, so you can fly off and grow a NEW YOU. To get rid of what is not anymore serving you, you must evolve into a HARPY. And either you take care while choosing your fellows, or better you travel alone.

#1 Create, inspire, lead: “mens sana in corpore sano”

Last but not least. Probably the most important tip of this article. The real magic seed that fuels and powers up all the above tips. The Roman poet Juvenal said, “mens sana in corpore sano.” And in my opinion, nothing can be more worthwhile than this truth.

I regularly work out. Indeed, the first thing I do before starting my working day is to load up a few plates on a barbell and push. STRENGTH TRAINING is the lymph that gives energy to my life. And I LOVE it heavily! When I enter the gym, there is only me and the iron. I switch on the power, wear my gears, and the game is ready to start. To me, the gym and my time spent training are not just “looking good and strong,” but it is a moment where my best ideas come out. The moment in which I continuously think about “what’s next.” The moment where I clarify my doubts or comfort myself is where I make important decisions. And where I can grow stronger, day by day, from the inside to the outside. I somehow train my self-esteem and character. When you lift more than a hundred kg, and you weigh almost half of it... Well, I think you can believe me when I say that you need a lot of mental strength to overcome each rep, especially if it is a regular meeting! People around me remember and are constantly inspired by my famous sentence “if you can PUSH, PUSH TWICE,” meaning if you did it once, do it again, but harder. Furthermore, the collaboration in the influencer program with the Norwegian fitness sportswear brand Famme made me believe in my role model to inspire and motivate others.

However, if building muscle and strength is a hidden key, a healthy body also needs the proper fuel to sustain the work. Thus EATING HEALTHY is another important aspect of the game. I prepare all my meals, checking and selecting the right food for my fitness goals. Luckily I love cooking and eating, so the time I spend on it is somehow enjoyable although expensive! Eating healthy has a strong impact on your body, as well as on your brain, while influencing your mood, cognitive functioning, sleeping, and generally your routine. The Greek physician Hippocrates was correct in saying, “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.” Furthermore, my strong passion for strength training,  nutrition, and self-development and my attitude to inspire, lead, and guide others toward building a better version of themselves brought me to know and learn more, becoming certified on these subjects.

Lastly, the third hidden key is CREATIVITY. Creativity means “the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness.” So you can apply creativity in generating multiple things, and I suppose that the beauty of this skill is unique and different in each of us. I express my creativity by drawing and playing music, as well as writing. I DRAW ideas, feelings, memories, concepts, and my inner chaos. I draw, and I stick it on the wall to remind me daily of my journey and how many different, deep LAYERS I do have. It’s like keeping a diary of emotions! At the same time, I play music to connect with the symphony of my soul. MUSIC is an energy that comes from within me and permeates my body vigorously. It is like when you put your fingers in an electric socket, and you get a little shock. To me, music is the same. That energy that embraces your body and mind is needed to generate more energy and to share that energy with people around you. I was used to playing piano for over 12 years and electric guitar in a metal band. Although time and circumstances changed in my life, music accompanies my day while adapting to my mood. What a life without it! And of course, I did mention WRITING. Well, here, I do not have much to explain. My production for ExO Insight is already proof, although I wrote some poetry as well.

Advice: Use creativity to IMAGINE infinite worlds and opportunities. Imagine something is the key to realizing it. There are no limits in our minds. Anything is POSSIBLE. Just make it REAL. Transform yourself into a VISIONARY.

#0 Adapt, understand and be willing to change

Although I spoke about ten tips, you probably wonder why I called this tip “#0”. Shouldn’t 0 come before 1? That’s right. Indeed, this is the last tip I will give you, although it is more like a prerequisite needed before welcoming and putting the other ten into practice.

Throughout life, we encounter many people, whether it is on social media, meeting platforms, traveling, or even when moving to another country. Inevitably, this event puts us in front of cultural differences and habits, in which the term international or citizen of the world is often associated. In my experience, although still young, I had the fortune to travel and move around. Hence I did meet lots of people from different countries and cultures. Breaking barriers, stereotypes, and fears toward “diversity” is the first step to welcoming changes and growing an open, creative, and visionary mindset. Indeed, I come from Italy and live in Germany, but I do not identify myself with my nationality. I rather see myself as international and always curious to know and meet new people, welcoming and understanding what is “different” from me.

This fact leads to the second point: adaptability to changes. Yes, because if we are not flexible in accepting changes, we do not understand the MEANING of life. Life is a DYNAMIC process that mutates every day. That’s why changes cannot be a static process, and so life. Being in SYNCHRONICITY with the flux of life gives us the advantage to transform changes into opportunities for growth, self-empowerment, and learning. I admit, at first, any change is not so pleasant, but by time, patience, and self-awareness, we will be able to modify our cognition toward that event.

This connects well with the third point: ”a true professional learns to love what they do, independently of what their passion is.” Reading this sentence from Marco Montemagno’s book made me reflect on the fact that we usually hear, “follow your passions, and you will never work.” Differently, Montemagno explains that passion and work are two different things; the first is a desire while the second is a necessity. If your passion becomes your work, it won’t be a passion anymore, and you will end up “hating” it. Differently, learning to love what you do doesn’t mean that you put yourself aside. Instead, it means you RECOGNIZE your strengths, skills, and what you are most CAPABLE of, spending them to reach the best PERFORMANCE at work—somehow offering the BEST YOU to the market. Indeed, “love” should be the consequence of something, not the assumption. In this way, you can become effective in the long term and more SATISFIED about your life.

And lastly, as I have already mentioned in tip #1, Wake up early: you would gain 13 months in a year, people tend to say, “I do not have time for…”. It will never be about “having time” but “FINDING the time.” TRANSFORMATION is a long-life process that requires time, trust, and patience. Maybe a bit of faith too. If you want to change your life, it should always start within you.

Transforming yourself into your HERO

We are already at the end of this article and series on leadership 4.0 and digital transformation. It has been a long journey, and I hope I was able to enrich your thoughts and learnings. I believe my 10 top tips will come at handy for you, but feel free to adapt them accordingly to your situation. In the end, you should find what mostly works for you, right?

I just want to remark that I have been working, structuring, and evolving these tips since my birth, so you should not expect to apply them from one day to another. Changing habits takes a huge amount of time, effort, and willpower. I am always happy when I can inspire people to achieve their life goals and to hear from them how I was impactful in transforming themselves into their better version. Independently of what your LIFE PURPOSE is, I hope I was able to influence your thoughts and behaviors toward achieving that goal, transforming yourself into the EXPONENTIAL WINNER OF YOUR LIFE.

Photo by Beatrice Barbazzeni on Canva

Concluding this series on Leadership 4.0, I would like to leave you with a few motivational and inspiring quotes to make you think about yourself and your life goals.

“Leadership is unlocking people's potential to become better.” (Bill Bradley)

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” (Jack Welch)

Discipline, grit, perseverance, and commitment brought me here, although I am still young in this journey. Remember that noTHING IS imPOSSIBLE. When you convince your MIND, your BODY and ACTIONS will immediately follow. Now go and “be the change you want to see in the world.” (Mahatma Gandhi)

Photo by Beatrice Barbazzeni and Ronny Hartmann

I aim to write a book on my 10 top tips. So, in case you have already experience on the topic, and you would like to give me your advice and suggestions about how to proceed, leave me a message on LinkedIn or the OpenExO platform. I will appreciate it! Anyway, if you found my article insightful, support me and my work by sharing it. Print my infographic, stick it on the wall, or make it your new bible. Anything that might be helping you get closer to your goals should always be considered!

Photo by Beatrice Barbazzeni

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