ExO Economy where utility meets liquidity in a unique interface to the community OpenExO
ExO Economy where utility meets liquidity in a unique interface to the community OpenExO

ExO Economy; Where Utility Meets Liquidity in a Unique Interface to the OpenExO Community

As we launch into the public markets, strap in for a thrilling journey with EXOS, and don't forget to claim your rewards from the 30-Doubling Challenge to stay ahead in the game

Niki Faldemolaei
Niki Faldemolaei

We have been walking the talk all year in preparation for our launch into the public markets, so hold on to your hats…. We are about to take a wild ride into the zone!

 Our previous blog announced the EXOS listing on UniSwap, and we expect more details to be posted in the coming weeks.

To handle some housekeeping, we need a few of you to pick up your allocations from the 30-Doubling Challenge. By doing so you will be positioned to participate on the public exchange. We added an appreciation tip to your qualified doublings.

 Check out the highlights here:

Your qualified doublings: 

The Pitch-  https://youtu.be/0Gvxgo2qVHU?feature=shared

Interesting stats:

52 VIPs Qualified for the 30-Doublings, earning 10,737 EXOS each

1-5 qualified for the 31st. Angelo Ortega was the first!

18 qualified for between 10-29

22 just missed, qualifying for < 10 submissions

Total participants = 92 

2,861 Total submissions

2,096 Qualified submissions

Top categories submitted:

  1. Proof of stake
  2. Social posts
  3. Certifications
  4. Attend events ‘
  5. Marketplace engagement

 In the meantime, we would love your input on this 3-question survey:

  1. What went well in your 30-Doubling experience?
  2. What were the greatest challenges?
  3. What can we do to improve future inventive programs?

 Again, we are grateful for your participation and look forward to continuing to work and play in the community! 

30-Doubling Challenge Advisory Team & The ExO Economy Team

 About ExO Economy

ExO Economy is the Global Transformation Economy with its native digital currency dubbed EXOS token. It is a unique digital economy of the OpenExO platform business ecosystem. It operates as an emerging global economy leveraging blockchains, cryptocurrency, and AI to transform the world for a better future. The ExO Economy offers the necessary tools that help turn changemakers into stakeholders in a new system of value creation, identification, exchange, and storage.

About OpenExO

OpenExO has directly trained over 2,700 people in the ExO Model since opening its first training courses. Indirectly, via its flagship book, Exponential Organizations, by its co-founder Salim Ismail, it has influenced millions. The organization facilitates programs that foster disruptive innovation in thousands of global companies, such as HP, Black & Decker, TD Ameritrade, Ananda, and others. Fortune 100 companies that resort to ExO services have increased their market capitalization by over 3 times over the last six years.

Join ExO Economy Conversations on Telegram https://t.me/exos_economy

Visit ExO Economy Support on Discord – https://link.exos.to/discord  

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Transforming the world economy for a better future. A tokenized global economy. As this economy grows; As it leverages its native digital asset EXOS to its fullest extent, leads to powerful change.