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Empowering Community Engagement: Transforming Clients into Exponential Networks

Unleash the Power of Connected Communities. Enhance personal capabilities, put knowledge into action, foster open communication, and envision a future of exponential growth.

Niki Faldemolaei
Niki Faldemolaei

- Unleash the Power of Connected Communities

Joining OpenExO provides numerous benefits, although it may initially be overwhelming for new members. However, the community helps individuals become oriented in the best possible way, allowing them to truly immerse themselves in the experience. Transforming the world for a better future as a community member entails three main aspects:

  • Enhancing personal capabilities and fostering growth through learning about ExO, innovation, technologies, collaborating with companies, and launching new ventures.
  • Putting acquired knowledge into practice by actively launching companies, initiating projects, running workshops, writing papers, or taking tangible actions based on what has been learned.
  • Foster a culture of open communication and collaboration by crucially returning to the community to share both successes and failures.

The core drivers of community member personas have been identified through the Octalysis Strategic Planning Process, incorporating game theory and behavioral design. This knowledge is then used to create a scalable and engaging community vision. The OpenExO Experience is structured around the principles of learning, doing, and sharing. All quests within the experience align with these principles, allowing members to easily identify and participate in appropriate activities.

Looking ahead, envisioning a future where OpenExO has a hundred thousand members by 2025, each individual going through the OpenExO Experience will find it straightforward to understand their possible role(s) and contribution within the community.

In our two week, pre-launch beta, look at the engagement by & for the Community
“I also want to mention that ExO Angels offers teams-on-demand for a living. They actively take a company, project, or an entire community and design a customized engagement strategy for their niche, just like they've done for us. So in some sense, OpenExO has been a client of ExO Angels, and they've been an absolute delight to work with. They are highly capable, very focused, with a can-do attitude and an everybody-wins mantra.” ~ Jaroslav Dokoupil, Chief Learning Officer, OpenExO

ExO Angels embody the essence of Exponential Organizations by embracing the attributes of community and crowd, engagement, dashboards, and a flywheel experimentation model. With a purpose to walk the ExO talk and lead by example, this international staff-on-demand model unleashes the power of global talent to fuel innovation and transform our world for a better future.

Bravo to the exceptional team who went above and beyond to serve this launch, showcasing their unwavering dedication and commitment. Their tireless efforts have paved the way for limitless possibilities, demonstrating that we can shape a brighter future for all when we unite our strengths and embrace exponential thinking. Schedule a call to see which combo team is your magic bullet!

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Furthermore, ExO Angels harness the potential of utility tokens, creating a robust crypto economics ecosystem that strengthens community resolve. By integrating this innovative approach, we empower individuals to actively participate, contribute, and grow within the ecosystem.

The utility tokens serve as a catalyst, incentivizing collaboration and rewarding valuable contributions, fostering a dynamic and self-sustaining community that propels us toward exponential growth. Together, we embrace the transformative power of tokenomics, unlocking new avenues for collective success and unleashing the full potential of our global network.

"ExO Angels: Embracing the ExO attributes of community & crowd, engagement, dashboards, and a flywheel experimentation model, fueling innovation and propelling us towards a brighter future." ~ Niki Faldemolaei


Can I apply this to my business?

Yes! JK shares; We have some sticky points in our business with employees that might just adopt this method to engage with our safety products. I’ll reach out via Discord.

What is the history of ExO Angel?

We launched a 30-Doubling Challenge; A wild success that taught members about finding the knee of the exponential curve and motivating each other around it. We followed that up with a Team Play Challenge to encourage helping others succeed.

How can we use the EXOS Utility Tokens?

  1. Learn-to-Earn
  2. Post & Apply to roles in the Marketplace
  3. Private, peer-to-peer exchanges
  4. Subscription tier discounts
  5. Events, Projects, AirBnB, Smart cities and/or Sister economies
  6. Staking - hold and earn

Testimonial by Katrina:

I would never have completed as many quests if it weren’t for the encouragement of the community, learning new things, and surprising me with motivating interactions. My engineering mind was blown away, and I actually wanted to try new things to stretch my brain.

Testimonial by Alex Wallace:

I had no idea I was going to do this. I was seeking a way to open 3 projects to the world since I am reading the Exponential Organizations V2.0 Book. Shout-outs to the team for the invitation to the launch party, their welcome, the feedback, and for connecting me to two official project groups that applied to me.  It inspired me to help open a 3rd to complete my goals. Thank you so much!

A Novel Approach

Teams-on-demand, as exemplified by ExO Angels, represents the future of work, showcasing the essence of the Exponential Organizations (ExO) model in unique and remarkable ways. It goes beyond hiring individual talent and embraces the collective resource of skills, knowledge, and an augmented mindset that teams bring. By harnessing the power of teams, we tap into diverse perspectives, collaborative problem-solving, and a shared purpose, unlocking additive benefits that surpass what individuals can achieve alone.

This model not only fuels innovation and agility but also nurtures a culture of continuous learning and exponential growth. As we look ahead, variations of this model tapping into holocrasy, or swarm intelligence, will shape the future of work, revolutionizing industries and exemplifying the core attributes of the ExO model in extraordinary and transformative ways. Join us on this exciting journey towards a new era of work and limitless possibilities.


OpenExO Community of coaches, consultants, investors, and entrepreneurs whose collective massively transformative purpose is ‘Transforming the World for a Better Future’

ExO Angels – A flywheel experimentation model where edge initiatives are supported. Teams-on-demand, talent, and advisors for validation for ExO's.  

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