Another Seismic Shift in Innovation

Another Seismic Shift in Innovation: Part 1 of 3

In this new Metaverse, users will have full control over their data, identities, and interactions. They will be able to create, own, and monetize their content and experiences and participate in many decentralized applications that span a wide range of sectors and industries.

Niki Faldemolaei
Niki Faldemolaei

As we face the challenges of climate change, inequality, and injustice, decentralized communities offer a way forward that is rooted in cooperation and respect for all life. The cooperatives of the future will be innovators that empower individuals and groups to meet their basic needs while also contributing to the common good. In order to disrupt the patterns of failing systems, these evolving archetypes must be based on mutuality, respect, and stewardship for a core purpose.

Consider what happened in the 1990’s with the hyperlink layer on the Internet, aka websites became relevant to all industries, that cracked the code of correlating markets to innovation success.

The excitement today, despite a bear market, is that the light bulb is going off in the minds of the leaders of every major organization, brand, company, and government worldwide. These influencers recognize each way that Web 2 has been applied to affect healthcare, education, government, entertainment, and advertising aka reliant upon 3rd party companies. Web 3 is now going to apply and will put decisions back into the hands of creators and contributors with sovereign domain.

“It truly is an evolution and not a small step. It's an incremental step change.” ~ Eric Pulier, CEO

This evolution is not a small step but an incremental step change ~ Eric Pulier, CEO Vatom

An Interface Moment

It is challenging for people to wrap their heads around it. We are at the first stages of the technology, where it's a little clunky sometimes, and the interfaces aren't that pretty. The Founder of XPRIZE Peter Diamandis, speaks about an interface moment and a time when the kind of niche of a specific audience, scientists, engineers, and people working in a category suddenly breaks open because you can now make money since people can now use it. And that cycle breaks through when an interface moment occurs. This is what we think is now occurring.

Salim Ismail talks about Gutenberg moments at the knee of an exponential curve.

Cutting out the middleman

Decentralized communities will be created around interests and activities across both physical and digital worlds, bridging them in new interactive forms. Immersive Web3 technologies and NFTs are the infrastructures that will serve up the Metaverse as connective and interoperable pathways to engagement.

Markets have adopted a preference for self-management – replacing the constraints of traditional hierarchical control systems with agile self-organizing systems capable of conscripting suitable talent and marshaling appropriate resources for specific utilities that are enabled by collaborative peer relationships.

The Internet as we know it will be replaced with virtual realities that are shared and owned by self-sovereign users. These decentralized communities will have their own economies, governance, and social structures. They will be powered by decentralized protocols and platforms that enable users to interact effortlessly with each other and the virtual world around them.

“We believe we are at a major inflection point for the future of the world. Being an optimist, we focus on how a more positive future can be created by what is being called Web3 and the Metaverse. And it's large and open-ended.”  ~ Michael Moe, CFA

Image Source: EIEIO by Michael Moe, CFA

What is the difference between a Smart NFT and a regular NFT

The early adopters use regular NFT’s in the get-rich-quick waves. A Smart NFT is about substance around the network and communication channels. And that's where we move to engagement and communication. The concept of an NFT as a channel means that everywhere you can remove friction and complexity adds an enormous percentage of the addressable audience.

Web 3 is built by and for creators and consumers

The importance of a decentralized society is that every individual will now be empowered to express themselves and get paid directly. This direct communication channel goes both ways. I can communicate to you and give you a benefit as part of an ongoing relationship that I'm building as a brand. But I can also do a unit of work. I can also express myself in a spoken word. And I put my piece of content out there and get paid directly without intermediaries. That's a profound shift in how work and creativity is going to be expressed.

Source: Adapted by EIEIO from Gartner and On Deck

In this new Metaverse, users will have full control over their data, identities, and interactions. They will be able to create, own, and monetize their content and experiences. And they will be able to participate in a multitude of decentralized applications that span a wide range of sectors and industries. This is the future of the Internet—a decentralized, user-centric Metaverse that enables people to connect and with the world around them in new and innovative ways.

The human mind, when deployed synergistically for the highest good of Earth and all of her creatures, and in partnership with the Earth's ecology, can create a world with a future for all. We can do this in the way we design enterprises, build cultures and communities, ensure provision and flow, consider the field effects in the short and long term, and embody integrity in all domains. ~ Excerpted from the Trust Manifesto @ Syntropic.World

Look for Another Seismic Shift in Innovation; Parts 2 and 3 coming soon!

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