Breaking Down Walls: Fostering Inclusivity in a Global Community

Discover how the removal of Lima's 'Wall of Shame' sparks a powerful discussion on breaking down barriers, fostering unity, and creating a more inclusive world for all.

Sasha Sadovnikova
Sasha Sadovnikova
"Inclusivity is not the end of our journey; it is the beginning of a shared adventure towards unity." - Linda A. Hill

The beginning of September has brought important news:

Lima's "Wall of Shame" is torn down after about forty years of casting a shadow over a divided community.

And it made us reflect on a very important question: are we, people, ready to become truly united?

The history of this infamous wall includes a sad period of the rebel group called the Shining Path and its guerilla campaign that influenced lives of thousands of people. What was thought to be a protection made of concrete, turned to be an emblem of economic and social disparities.

Because on one side of the wall were wealthy districts La Molina and Santiago de Surco, and on the other side, in Villa María del Triunfo and San Juan de Miraflores, lived poor people.

It is said that the wall was 4.5-kilometer long and 2 meters high, with barbed wire on the top. Sounds like a... prison?

This wall may have been a local issue, you say, but it epitomizes the broader challenges communities face globally. Its story is not unique. It mirrors global trends where communities, both large and small, wrestle with issues of exclusion, discrimination, and isolation.

Have you ever wondered about the impact of such a division?

First, it leads to inequality and discrimination: Division often sprouts from inequality, leading to the marginalization of certain groups based on factors such as race, income, or nationality.

Second, social cohesion becomes diminished: Divided communities usually experience reduced social cohesion, fostering mistrust, isolation, and a scarcity of shared resources.

Third, you will see lots of lost opportunities: Excluded individuals and communities miss out on educational, economic, and cultural opportunities, depriving them of the means to flourish.

I believe all of us have dreamed at least once about crafting a truly inclusive global community where no one feels excluded, which necessitates addressing division, discrimination, and inequality on all fronts.

Can we do something to change the situation?

Overcoming division and exclusion to create a global community where no one is left behind is a multifaceted endeavor, and some key factors can be applied in business, too.

For example, raising awareness about the consequences of division and exclusion is paramount. Educational programs can cultivate empathy and understanding among community members, fostering unity.

Implementing policies and laws that actively combat discrimination, promote inclusivity, and create opportunities for marginalized groups play a crucial role in dismantling barriers.

Economic empowerment can become a catalyst for change through the development of economic initiatives that grant marginalized communities access to jobs, resources, and the means to improve their living standards.

Encouraging cultural exchange programs to celebrate diversity and foster cross-cultural understanding will dispel stereotypes and kindle unity through shared experiences.

Community engagement itself empowers people to have a say in their own development and encourages dialogue, collaboration, and decision-making processes that mirror the needs and aspirations of all members.

The journey toward a more inclusive global community commences with each one of us. It calls for tearing down the walls that divide us and embracing the principles of unity, empathy, and equality.

As we work together to bridge divides, we have the potential to create a world where every individual is valued, respected, and given the opportunity to thrive.

The walls of division may stand, but with collective determination and understanding, we can dismantle them, paving the way for a brighter, more inclusive future for all.

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Sasha Sadovnikova

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