Featured Entrepreneur: Kieran Macleod, OpenExO Community Member and Cryptocurrency Advisor

What If We Could Overcome Paralysis? Save Billions In Public Spending AND Transform Millions Of Lives To A Better Future?

In this Exponential Age, we can create 10x benefits for people experiencing paralysis. By (re) directing investments to enable exponential personal autonomy and wellbeing.

Angela Faye
Angela Faye

You’ve heard this before - the day before something is a breakthrough it is a crazy idea.  And, one person cannot change the world, but the world can change because of one person.  

This is where my story of Kieran Macleod begins - he is one person who has a crazy idea that can change the world.  And, if you are passionate about ‘overcoming paralysis’, ‘augmented human performance’, or ‘transforming health care to a better future, I REALLY think you’ll love what Kieran has to say.  


Kieran Macleod and I connected a few short months ago intending to share insights for the NextGen Economy Podcast; and, I was unexpectedly distracted by Kieran’s story of recent tragedy and personal new trajectory. In 2019, Kieran was in Thailand raising capital and connections for a decentralized finance company when tragedy struck - he and his business partner were in a traffic accident that left Kieren a paraplegic changing the trajectory of his life in an instant.  

Kieran is now focused on saving money and raising personal capital to buy an ExoSkeleton that would transform his daily personal life AND limit his dependence on the public health care system. Inspired by Kieran, then doing further research, I then learned that a cure for paralysis due to spinal cord injury is possible, but it will take time, resources, and a smart way of thinking.

Armed with this knowledge, an ‘Edge’ team was formed from the OpenExO global ecosystem of entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and investors to take on a grand challenge - to provide the mindset shift, tools, and resources to Enable Augmented Human Performance. The team is working on three opportunities:

  1. Fundraising for ExOSkeletons for Kieran and other community members;
  2. Scaling the adoption of ExOSkeletons as one strategy to save billions in public spending and ultimately transform the lives of millions of people impacted by paralysis to a better future;
  3. Design a prototype village where early-stage rehabilitation patients, residents, long-term stays, visitors, researchers, entrepreneurs, and their teams could live, work and create together. A village where a variety of minds work on demand to collectively ‘Enable Augmented Human Performance’, focusing their resources to achieve 10x smarter, faster, better impact to (re) imagine and (re) design live-work-play places to survive a hybrid physical-digital future.

The opportunities exist because there are currently two big problems (amongst others) related to the current human experience with paralysis:

1. We are not currently doing enough to enable Personal Autonomy and Wellbeing for Paralyzed People

Listen from [02:38]

The majority of current health care systems, building infrastructure, and support systems and products provide 'linear' benefits to people experiencing paralysis. For instance, a wheelchair provides more mobility. Buildings and infrastructure provide more features to accommodate 'access'.  Support systems offer physiotherapy, counseling, etc.  

Yet, people living with paralysis are often unable to afford health insurance that adequately covers the complex complications that are commonly linked with these conditions. And, like many of those living with chronic illness, they are frequently forced to rely on friends or family members to serve as their primary caregivers. On top of day-to-day frustrations and challenges, the majority of people with paralysis also experience lower incomes and shorter life expectancy.

In this Exponential Age, we can create 10x benefits for people experiencing paralysis.  By (re) directing investments to enable exponential personal autonomy and wellbeing - by supplying and supporting the adoption of ExOSkeltons, ExO Suits as one strategy; and building a purpose-driven hybrid Village of the Future as a second strategy - for people with paralysis, we can transform the lives of millions of people globally by reducing personal suffering from physical pain, mental distress, reduced productivity, and community contribution.

2. It's Possible to Exponentially Reduce Public Health Spending and Perpetuate the 'Sick Care' Crisis

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Sources indicate the current lifetime cost of servicing someone with paralysis through traditional health care means is $1 - 3.5 million.  By comparison, the cost of providing that same person with an ExoSuit or ExoSkeleton is between $50k - $250k upfront or via financing; plus only a few thousand per year on personal and hardware maintenance.

It's possible to provide a better future with less investment for the nearly 1 in 50 people living with paralysis.  

Building a Prototype Village to Survive then Thrive with Paralysis is Possible

Listen from [14:14] and [18:38]

Imagine a hybrid physical-digital village enhanced by its natural environment, with ‘smart’ built infrastructure, augmented with digital technologies that bring together ideas, scale, and knowledge from people focused on ending paralysis and augmenting human performance.

A village where people with early-stage paralysis can fast-track their habilitation and recovery, supported by health practitioners, experience a living lab with performance products such as ExOSkeletons, ExOSuits, and more.

A village where residents, long-term stays and visitors have infrastructure designed for their life needs and style; where people can share common journeys, adventures.

A village where researchers, entrepreneurs, and their teams could live, work and create together, with proximity to users and their friends/families; where a variety of minds work on demand to collectively ‘Enable Augmented Human Performance’, focusing their resources to achieve 10x smarter, faster, better impact than working independently or purely digitally.  

You are Invited to End Paralysis and Enable Augmented Human Performance

With the data, and driven by their massively transformative purpose “Enable Augmented Human Performance”, Kieren and the OpenExO Edge team invite you to join our 'open-source' projects to:

  1. Donate towards the financing or purchase of ExoSkeletons|Suits for  OpenExO Community members experiencing paralysis. We accept ExO Tokens directly and select other currencies via an Exchange.
  2. Collaborate on, and provide sample products for an evolving ExO Skeleton Roadshow, where our  Ambassadors and Core Team will work with you to co-create a showcase for your products physically and digitally to consumers, distributors, health care providers with the intent of increasing awareness and adoption of your products to the right people at the right time.   The Roadshow is a way to experience first-hand trying, customizing, and distributing ExOSkeletons, ExO Suits (or similar) with the #1 goal of overcoming barriers to adoption - for individuals; for insurers; for healthcare providers - public and private.  Listen from [22:30]
  3. Register interest to participate|partner in the Village Design Sprint. The 10-Week Sprint will take part in 2022, and is open to Individual Participants, Design Teams, Product Manufacturers, Entrepreneurs and Philanthropists, Community Leaders, Land Owners to design a proto-type physical-digital hybrid 'village' focused on Enabling Augmented Human Performance for 1 million people with a passion for and vested interest in ending paralysis. In addition, Village Design Sprint participants will experience:

All three of these initiatives are highlighted in more detail with follow up instructions/links/information is provided online by clicking here:

Linked to - ExOEconomy- https://economy.openexo.com/exo-skeleton/‌‌



Featured Entrepreneur: Kieran Macleod is an independent advisor and consultant for decentralized finance entrepreneurs, companies, and projects.  Kieran’s massively transformative purpose is ‘Enabling Augmented Human Performance’, and his moonshot is empowering 1 million people experiencing paralysis to become more mobile and autonomous.  Email - kieran@pm.me

Host | Content Creator: Angela Faye is the Founder of Futurville, whose massively transformative purpose is “Imagining & Building Places Worth Living For”, and her moonshot is creating 1,000 new villages of the future & supporting 1 million existing villages to become more #futurproof.  LinkedIn | Twitter

Executive Producer: ExO Angels(™) provide funding for the creation and distribution of the exoskeleton roadshow(™) and NextGen Economy(™) initiatives and is a sponsor for the Augmented Human Performance Village.  

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