Siemens Energy Continues Their Exponential Journey with a Third Sprint

Siemens Energy III Sprint has begun with a team of 34 participants, 6 coaches, and a reporter. The sprint includes shadow coaches, big siblings, and an alumni Q&A session, providing a great opportunity for personal growth and learning, and OpenExO's new Exponential chatbot AI-x.

Ashley Pfaff
Ashley Pfaff

The Siemens Energy III Sprint kicked off in February after a mutual effort from the ExO Solutions team and the Siemens Energy team to lay the groundwork for a third successful program.

The sprint is composed of 34 participants across 6 teams. Augusto Fazioli returned as head coach to lead a team of 6 amazing coaches: Gary Ralston, Francisco Milagres, Soledad Llorente, Corina Almagro, Wolfgang Merkt, and Shammy Jacob. OpenExO veteran Vanessa Belmonte has joined as the Reporter, bringing her extensive ExO experience, project management, and marketing skills to the role.

The Awake and Align Workshop kicked off with a speech by Solutions’ own Nishan Degnarain, attended by over 150 people in the client organization. Overall, the participants were highly pleased with the workshop and looking forward to the sprint.

This sprint, like the second Siemens Energy Sprint, will include shadow coaches and big sibling mentors for the teams. The shadow coaches- internal participants from Siemens Energy- will sharpen their ExO toolsets and coaching skills as they observe our ExO coaches at work. This will allow them to run internal sprints in the future and to accelerate the spread of the ExO mindset throughout their organization after the close of the sprint.

The big siblings- a select group of participants from the first and second sprints- will act as guides and mentors to the current participants as they begin their ExO journeys. The support they give to their peers is greatly helpful to the individual success of the participants, as words of empathy and encouragement from those that have also undergone the demanding and revelatory learning experience often have a great positive impact on the participants. For this sprint, we are taking that support a step further by arranging our first alumni Q&A session, in which the participants will have the opportunity to hear from alumni of the previous Siemens Energy sprints and ask them questions about their experience in an open session.  

The Siemens Energy III sprint has the unique privilege of being the inaugural sprint for OpenExO’s new Exponential chatbot AI-x. You can check it out for yourself at this link:

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