Purpose: A Major Shift in Perspective

People who are connected to their purpose experience more meaningful relationships, better health, and career advancement. Learn how the new book “CODIFY YOUR PURPOSE” seeks bridge personal and corporate purpose.

Luca Leonardini
Luca Leonardini

Why should you bother finding and codifying your purpose?

Because people who are connected to their purpose experience more meaningful relationships, better health, and career advancement. Who doesn’t want that?

Researchers Aaron Hurst, Brandon Peele, and their team at The Science of Purpose found out that individuals with a connection to their purpose are four times more engaged, 175% more productive, and 64% more fulfilled. Over 42% have better memory, and 32% have fewer medical visits.

What is purpose?

  • Purpose is the underlying reason that gives us the energy, and the courage to be bold, to do something we profoundly care about, and devote ourselves entirely to achieving it.
  • It reflects a meaningful problem aligned with the fundamental values that we want to transform into an opportunity to improve people's lives and make the world a better place.
  • It helps to unleash the best version of ourselves.
  • It is an enduring aspiration of how the individual wants to impact - ultimately change - reality.
Salim Ismail endorsement to "Codify Your Purpose"
Salim Ismail for "Codify Your Purpose"

If we really want to positively impact reality around us and make the world a better place we need an individual purpose.

Purpose helps us to unlock the opportunity to realign with work as the key to our search for meaning, the way to find fulfillment in our lives.

It represents formidable leverage of individual growth and development as well as cultural transformation par excellence within companies.

There is an abundance of literature on purpose out there, on blogs, vlogs, and books.

Where my new book “CODIFY YOUR PURPOSE seeks to be different is to bridging personal and corporate purpose. I want to help people to understand the importance of authentic personal purpose as foundational to authentic corporate purpose.

CODIFY YOUR PURPOSE” intends to bridge this gap with simple tools and a natural path to codifying the individual purpose.

The book shows the path to navigate through a discovery journey and provides readers with answers to many questions:

– What is purpose?

– Why is purpose so important?

– Why do you need a purpose?

– What do you need to know before getting started?

– How do you write a purpose statement?

– What are the components of a purpose statement?

– How do you know when you have found your purpose?

Chip Conley endorsement to "Codify Your Purpose"
Chip Conley for "Codify Your Purpose"

The idea came from the daily practice with entrepreneurs. I realized that the question “What is your purpose and your company’s purpose?” puzzles almost all of them.

Most importantly, I realized that their reaction is legitimate and natural. Before the social role, an entrepreneur is a person.

And many people no longer remember their purpose; others do not feel they need it, think it is a slogan, and still have no idea what it is or what it is for.

But if they have no idea what the purpose is or what it’s for, how can we expect them to identify one for their companies?

The answer is: they can’t. If they don’t learn how to codify their purpose, they’ll miss the opportunity to appreciate its awesome power to unleash the potential in their organizations.

By avoiding this stage the risk is to simplify the purpose and create a marketing slogan or have someone do it. This explains why, in most cases, the purpose is seen as the endpoint of a superficial approach, a kind of catchy slogan.

Therefore, the need to bring clarity and help people understand that codifying the individual purpose and identifying and enabling the company’s purpose are three different steps in a natural sequence.

The book is presented as a guide to successfully navigating through the first step of this natural sequence:

1) encoding the purpose at the individual level (in this book, for everyone)

2) identifying the purpose at the group level in the company (in the next book, for organizations)

3) enabling or embedding the purpose in the company (with the purpose-driven business framework).

Claude Silver for "Codify Your Purpose"

The book is divided into three parts:

1. “Defining and exploring purpose” provides the reader with a broad view of the purpose before starting an inner discovery journey.  

2. “Building your purpose” outlines the practical knowledge needed to codify the first draft of the purpose statement.  

3. “What happens next” provides tips and lessons on developing and activating the individual purpose.

It's a colorful book designed to create a lean diversified learning experience with readings, videos, activities, and reflections to guide the reader.

The book contains many images and illustrations and the printed version is designed in A4 format to leave plenty of white space for the reader to take notes, write and answer questions in the exercises.

Brian Solis for "Codify Your Purpose"

Who doesn’t want more meaningful relationships, better health, and career advancement?

Gallup’s State of Work 2022 report tells us that 80% of the workforce feels emotionally disconnected or miserable about their work.

We often think about companies as abstract, anonymous,  amorphous entities, but they are not. Instead, they are full of people who need a reason to get out of bed in the morning and give their best.

In fact, we would be much better off if we shift our mindset and think that business is a force for good that can positively impact the world.  

Bernadette Jiwa for "Codify Your Purpose"

Data suggest that the lack of purpose is one of the greatest challenges of our time. This is why I believe that accelerating the business mindset’s change is the most impactful way to create a better future.

I prepare entrepreneurs for the future, and “accelerating business mindset change globally” is my purpose. In 2021, I founded the Purpose Driven Academy to “accelerate this acceleration”.

Because the best way to build a world with healthier businesses and happier entrepreneurs begins with helping them to find their purpose and to create purpose-driven organizations.

Codifying the individual purpose is the first indispensable step to beginning a discovery journey that leads entrepreneurs to build purpose-driven organizations.

There are no shortcuts to finding and codifying individual purpose: it's like a marathon. Intensive preparation, perfecting details, and continuous improvement to achieve the desired result.

It takes work, commitment, and perseverance but the potential rewards are fabulous.

Are you ready for the challenge?

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