NextGenEconomy Podcast - – Personalized Education using Web3 w/ Julian Alvarez

“I think that's how we must be aligned in the work that we do. My personal MTP is to 'empower myself and others to discover and manifest their infinite potential. To discover what they're capable of creating, becoming, and achieving, and giving in this life and create a world of abundance.”

Stanton Wong
Stanton Wong

In this episode of NextGen Economy Podcast, we interview Julian Alvarez, the Co-Founder and CEO of, an education platform for personal growth and life skills that ties into Web3 with crypto and NFTs.

During our conversation, we touch upon:

  • 3:58 What the Mindflow Experience is like
  • 6:27 Gamification and Incentives
  • 11:04 Pivoting towards Social and Personalization
  • 15:20 The Purpose behind Mindflow
  • 23:50 How Mindflow uses Web3
  • 30:37 Web3: Trust and Transparency
  • 32:10 The Business Model of Mindflow
  • 37:16 Where is Web3 now and where is it going?

Check out below for some snippets from our conversation or dive right into the podcast:

Key Ideas from this Episode

Gamification and Incentives

"We're figuring out ways to leverage gamification and behavioral science to gamify people taking positive action. If you're earning points for doing positive things, those points, in a way, represent your progress, and that it naturally, kind of like, inspires you to feel like, "Wow I'm making progress in a positive direction!" and the points that you earn are kind of like a symbol or a measure to signify that. So, we want to feel naturally that we're progressing and the points help with that."

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The Purpose behind Mindflow

I'll start with mine because Mindflow is a derivative of my purpose. I think that's how we must be aligned in the work that we do. So my personal MTP is to "empower myself and others to discover and manifest their infinite potential". To basically discover what they're capable of creating, becoming, and achieving, and giving in this life and create a world of abundance.

Mindflow's mission is to inspire a generation of lifelong learners to take joy and becoming one percent better every day because that notion of becoming better, of becoming your next self, is the holy grail of personal growth and in discovering what you're capable of, becoming, creating, achieving, and giving in this life all of your potential on bundling, so we want to create lifelong learners and to do that, you have to achieve lasting change. Not just change in the moment, but change for the long term.

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How Mindflow uses Web3

The way to think about NFTs and how we're using them is that the NFTs can be thought of in, or are used in, two ways: like achievements, like trophies and then badges as well. So think about it in this perspective. If you play a tennis tournament and you end up winning, you get a pretty trophy, right? And if you're professional, you also get money, but this trophy that you get, it kind of becomes an emblem to symbolize this achievement. And it's not only an achievement, but it's also a memory of that experience. And if you put it in your room, whenever you see that trophy, you'll be reminded of that experience of having one.

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