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Yenna Tech And The Many Opportunities in Land Tokenization

Membership to Yenna Foundation is an invite-only opportunity to gain access to digitizing a conglomerate of land-based businesses, starting with agricultural land.

Prateek Bijjam
Prateek Bijjam

How can one ensure a playing field for small agricultural communities and small businesses?

Yenna Tech works to assist small agricultural communities and many other small businesses by helping them cover compliance for creating their land tokens as a service. Essentially this means that they no longer have to go to a bank to borrow; instead, they can raise capital by finding investors in the wider community. Tokenization allows small investors to participate. And with it on the blockchain, it means that their investment can be secure and liquid.

Yenna Tech initially received a grant from OpenExO in Q3 2021, soon graduated from the EBELI Base Camp during Christmas, and then joined the Iota Community in Q1 2022.

Yenna NFT Membership Pass launches on 8th July 2022 and it will be one of the most interesting offers yet made in the IOTA Ecosystem facilitated by Yenna Tech.

So what is a Yenna NFT Membership Pass? They will be available at a cost of just 100 Miota, and they are a doorway to becoming an active member of the Yenna community. It allows the owner to learn how the Yenna system works and to learn how they can personally play an active role in making Land Tokenization a reality for their own community. There is an extensive training program and an introduction to case studies that illustrate how the Yenna Tech system works.

Your starting point for finding out about The Membership is their website where you can see how the business has been developed, and the plans for the year ahead as they work with the Touchpoint Builders Program.

Base Membership is a Common Membership’ and holders will be awarded with a Exclusive Membership Status after 90 days with royalty for building local communities along with a defined allocation of the forthcoming Yenna Token. For those who are more ambitious, wishing to participate in governance or building their own projects, higher tiers of membership are to be achieved, namely Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary. Each comes via accumulating Common Membership NFTs and provides different benefits, for example in terms of revenue share.

Land tokenization comes with a lot of legal and regulatory questions, especially when it stretches across different countries and regions. Hence, currently a thorough analysis, validated with the help of several legal experts, is made available to highest tier members to implement into new community projects within regions of India, EU & UK with tools & infra support.

For those wanting to do a 'deeper dive' on the possibilities of Land Tokenization (or Real Estate Tokenization as it is sometimes called) there is a wealth of information available. It starts with the concept of a digital record of ownership on the blockchain, but then extends that to explain how that makes fractional ownership of land much easier than it has ever been. In addition, of course, the very low transaction costs made possible by the IOTA system is also of great significance, allowing far greater ease for both buying and selling interests in property.

The social benefits of this initiative can also not be ignored. If Yenna Tech is successful in bringing Land Tokenization to thousands of poorer communities, it will be making a great contribution to poverty reduction. Indeed that is built into the financial structure of the business, with a significant proportion of income being directed towards a poverty reduction program.  For a poor farmer, initiatives like Yenna Tech's could be a lifeline to a more prosperous future.

To learn more about this and the other advantages of getting involved, the Yenna Tech team recommends joining their Discord platform where you can talk directly to the founders and other team members.  That will also allow you to contribute or sign up to get 'whitelisted' for the launch of the Yenna NFT Membership Pass, guaranteeing that you will be able to get your NFTs. The team looks forward to meeting you.

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