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Here Comes The Wave!! How to Surf The Wave to Take Your Project to The Path of Exponential Growth

There are different moments for each technology and each business, in addition, the fact that the precise timing is so crucial, just like when a surfer is about to catch the wave if he gets up earlier or later, he may fall and not catch it.

Alfredo Galvan Macias
Alfredo Galvan Macias

You are in the sea, in a canoe sailing around, and then you notice a current that is advancing too fast in the direction you are trying to reach. What are you doing? Do you dare to jump into it and take advantage of the extra push, or do you keep your regular and relaxed pace? That is the dichotomy that we live in today in business, following the path we are walking or taking advantage of the new tides that arrive.

Megatrends are the new currents that flow through the sea where the development of societies and businesses manage in a systematic environment. Those trends are so huge that they have a disruptive impact on our environment. We can find megatrends in all areas, social, technological, political, economic, etc.  Are they good or bad? What trends are useful, or how could I use them? Sometimes, that could be difficult to recognize, especially because the trends are so enormous, you could feel inferior. How is one able to go inside such a monster?

Nevertheless, that is the crucial point. A megatrend is a new tendency through which the different sectors are moving dizzily. Those are changes revolutionizing the world in which we live. Still, it could also become complicated for oneself to know how to manage and enter that trend without leaving everything wallowed by the same speed and breadth of the movement. Many times that becomes a limitation to ride one, the fear of the unknown, and the lack of tools to manage such a movement.

An example of how to mount a Megatrend is what Facebook currently did with its recent announcement of a new line of business and strategy. This is quite interesting.  One could say that Facebook got into a Megatrend, but it also generated a new one, which surely many are already working on to be part of this world. Virtual reality is one of the disruptive technologies already coexisting in our world and developing at high speed. The Metaverse that Zuckerberg is looking for is a new wave that, although it was already being forged with the different developments of virtual reality, what they are building is something that was intrinsic in the same technology but had not been captured as such and especially the universal platform that connects with everything. I see the metaverse as that Megatrend that, in the coming years, will be taking off at an enormous speed. Although these other technologies must converge to support each other, I do not doubt that it will happen sooner rather than later, especially if Facebook is behind all this.

But, is it now? or should we wait, what is the right time? A question that is so common that the answer is more straightforward and more ambiguous than many beliefs. IT DEPENDS, this is very important since it lies in time, there are different moments for each technology and each business, in addition, the fact that the precise timing is so crucial, just like when a surfer is about to catch the wave, if he gets up earlier or later, he may fall and not catch it. Therefore, it is necessary to know when my business is ready to enter.

The Megatrend will not wait for us. So what do we need to do because the trends will keep moving forward despite whether we join them or not? We need to generate the necessary strategies and actions to be able to go along with the movement. In today's world, there are various tools to help prepare and develop the paths to follow our business to achieve success and take advantage of the momentum generated by these trends, from courses that allow us to open our minds to these different spectra and ways of thinking, to applications and methodologies that enable us to design everything necessary to join us.

I always believe that being able to understand and know a methodology helps us to have a framework of mentality that could help us not only for the specific problem that we are looking for, moreover that later remains in our toolbox that help us to visualize the world differently several methodologies help us for different processes and others are very specialized to specific issues, but this is not a bad thing however sometimes we have to fill our heads with many of them to be able to take little different things and develop our mindset because the reality is that we live in an integral world. So when we look for a way to see things from a much more holistic perspective, we can achieve better results. That's why, when I began to learn about the EBELI methodology -which stands for Evidence Based Entrepreneurship & Lean Innovation-, I loved that part, it is a set of many more things, and it allows us to have a lot broader vision of the path we will have to travel to achieve our objectives. From the start of our projects until reaching scalability and growth and showing us how to leverage these Megatrends to enhance all the projects we have, an advantage also, it is not only focused on entrepreneurs with new projects. Still, it is also quite functional for already established companies that look for new ways of doing things, implementing and being a change point by the hand of innovation within the organization.

I would invite everyone to give this methodology a look. The opportunity to learn more about what this set of tools can bring is powerful. If you are looking for innovation and change, from introducing into the market to disrupting your sector, take a look at this methodology. Take advantage of the work of 7,000+ entrepreneurs training 100,000+ entrepreneurs in the last 20+ years! Grab a board, face the fear of new currents, and start surfing these big waves so that they give us that extra push that allows you to reach success faster and higher; and become part of the shoal.

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Alfredo Galvan Macias

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