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Global Influencer: Content Creators Making Millions

In 2023, MrBeast and digital pioneers earned $700 million with 2.6 billion followers, highlighting the internet's role in reshaping media, marketing, and entertainment, as brands eagerly collaborate for their influential reach.

Sophie Krantz
Sophie Krantz


Creators, Influencers, Streamers, Vloggers - these social media stars now rule the entertainment and advertising industry. The second annual Forbes Top Creator list highlights the top 50 individuals who, in 2023, collectively earned a staggering $700 million, up over 20% from last year's $570 million, thanks to their combined 2.6 billion followers. The influence and earnings of these individuals are reshaping media, marketing, and entertainment as we know it.

Sitting at the top of this list is MrBeast, also known as Jimmy Donaldson, with over 300 million followers and earnings of $82 million. MrBeast's fame comes from his high-quality videos and daring stunts, like surviving in Antarctica for 50 hours or building a Wonka chocolate factory. He has turned his massive fan base into a fortune through digital advertising and real-world ventures, including Feastables snack bars, the MrBeast Burgers restaurant chain, and a lucrative merchandise line.

MrBeast's willingness to push boundaries has paid off, earning him $54 million annually from his stunts. But it's not just his daring feats; it's his entrepreneurial spirit that sets him apart. His MrBeast Burger concept, launched in December 2020, demonstrates his ability to monetize his fame smartly. Instead of investing heavily in cooking equipment or delivery services, he created a ghost kitchen operation where people order online, and an affiliated restaurant handles the preparation and delivery. It's a smart way to leverage his fame for profit.

Required: Internet Connectivity and Creativity

In the digital age, the barriers to entry have been removed with the arrival of platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and X, formerly known as Twitter. In the past, aspiring creators had to rely on intermediaries, such as agents, to be discovered. Now, anyone with an internet connection can create content and be found by an online audience anywhere in the world. This democratization of fame has opened doors for countless individuals to become content creators and influencers.

Moreover, there is no limit to the growth of content creators. Online platforms continuously improve their services to cater to these high-growth individuals. They offer better tools, analytics, and monetization options, making it easier for creators to thrive and expand their reach.

Global Influence

In this changing landscape, there is also a shift in the balance of power. Brands now want to leverage the reach and influence of content creators to connect with their target audiences. These creators have become trusted voices, and their authenticity resonates with viewers. Brands see the value in partnering with content creators to reach a more engaged and receptive audience.

ExO-Enabled Growth

How do content creators and social media influencers attain wealth and influence? They follow the principles of Exponential Organizations (ExO) by harnessing technology, networks, and scalability. Examples include:

YouTube creators: They scale their influence by consistently producing high-quality content on YouTube, reaching a global audience, and earning substantial income through advertising, sponsorships, and merchandise sales. Their massive following enables this revenue stream.

Social media influencers on platforms like Instagram and TikTok: They build their brand and expertise to accumulate followers. They collaborate with brands for sponsored content and partnerships, capitalizing on their influence. The network effects of social media platforms and authentic content contribute to their success.

In addition to these strategies, content creators and influencers use technology and automation tools to maximize their impact. They schedule social media posts and leverage data analytics to understand their audience's preferences, optimizing their content strategy for maximum reach and engagement.

The Future of Global Influencers

Looking ahead, the content creation and influencer landscape are set for continued evolution. Emerging trends suggest that niche-focused content will gain prominence as audiences seek more specialized and authentic experiences. New platforms may emerge, offering innovative ways for creators to connect with their followers. Short-form video platforms like TikTok are likely to maintain their popularity, while live streaming and virtual reality content may become more mainstream. Challenges such as content saturation and authenticity concerns may lead to a heightened emphasis on transparency and genuine connections with audiences. As the industry matures, we can anticipate increased collaboration between influencers and brands, with a focus on ethical and sustainable partnerships. Ultimately, the content creation and influencer ecosystem will remain dynamic, adapting to technological advancements and changing audience preferences, ensuring its continued influence in the world of media, marketing, and entertainment.

Where Wealth Flows, Opportunity Follows

In a world where economic opportunities might seem scarce, the rise of everyday individuals to extraordinary levels of influence and wealth through the internet is a testament to the digital era's potential. Content creators and social media influencers demonstrate that by embracing scalability, leveraging network effects, and harnessing technology. Yet, this success is not just about technology; it demands consistent effort, authenticity, and a commitment to delivering value to audiences. In an environment where a collective following of 2.6 billion can translate into $700 million in earnings, these digital pioneers are redefining the future of entertainment and advertising. Their ability to thrive in the digital landscape has not gone unnoticed, with brands increasingly seeking collaborations to tap into their influential reach, aiming to win over the hearts and wallets of a global audience.

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