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Two days of talks, workshops, and activities centered around conscious business, conscious living, family, and more. Xavier Ginesta asked if it would be possible to put together an event that is completely collaborative and not-for-profit centered around consciousness?

Kevin Allen
Kevin Allen

Two days of talks, workshops, and activities centered around conscious business, conscious living, family, and more. More than two years ago, Xavier Ginesta asked the question, would it be possible to put together an event in Barcelona that is completely collaborative and not-for-profit centered around consciousness?

Spoiler, the answer is YES it was possible, and on the 29th and 30th of July, the Festival of Consciousness took place at the CCIB in Barcelona. Over 90 speakers and facilitators, many more volunteers, and over 2500 attendees. OpenExO became a partner organization early on and helped facilitate the recruitment of speakers, and managed the Abundance Dome, a space within the City of Consciousness, together with INK.

The Event Space was divided into multiple elements, from the Auditorium to areas for stillness and dancing, eating, workshops, and more. The event included sessions for business, personal development, family, and more.

So here is what went down in the Abundance Dome over the two days:

We opened with a session on developing an Abundance Mindset and what this means for people. This was facilitated by myself and Vipasha Devi Tilak from INK. Participants worked in groups to Answer the question, What abundance means to them and listed a fear that is keeping them from tapping into Abundance.

This was followed by Ann Boothello and Eric Patel speaking on Tapping into Abundance by being an Exponential Individual. They shared about how we as individuals can tap into abundance and how together with a group of people from around the world, they have created Exponential Individuals, an initiative to create pathways to self-awareness, human optimization, and a me-to-we way of being that empowers people to live out their highest calling and best lives

Next, we had an open sharing session where the group discussed abundance and the future that we want to build.

Saskia de Winter was up next with a talk titled: Uncertainty creates Abundance. Saskia is an OpenExO community member from Mexico, and her talk, which was presented in English and Spanish, went down extremely well. Saskia shared a number of Steps on how to use uncertainty to create abundance. More will be shared in an Article by her. Saskia’s book, which is available in Spanish, can be found here.

Following Saskia, we had Manvendra Singh Shekhawat, who spoke about how we have Abundance on Earth. He shared his experience of Dhun, Jaipur, a project to restore 500 acres of degenerated land. The story is amazing; see more here.

The last session of day one was Divya Chander, who shared about consciousness and our brains.

Day two started with a workshop on Leadership and Storytelling by Lakshmi Pratury. This was an interactive workshop where Lakshmi helped people craft better stories. One of the live participants was Adrià Ballester of the Free Conversations Movement.

Up next was Michelle Nevarez, who discussed Moving Beyond Emotional Intelligence and some of the tools that she has created and are available in her book.

What followed was an open discussion with participants sharing their abundance of experiences.

Salim Ismail then shared about Building an Abundant world through Exponential Organization’s. This interactive session introduced many people to the ExO Model and shared the potential for transforming the world for a better future!

Following Salim was a conscious business Panel with Lakshmi Pratury (founder of INK), Raj Sisodia (Co-Founder of Conscious Capitalism), Juliette Caulkins (Executive Director at B Labs Europe) & Juan Mancisidor Lusa (communication and PR director at ADEGI). The panel was facilitated by José Luis Escorihuela (Founder of El Camino del Élder)

Corina Almagro was up next, sharing about MTP, and creating organizations with Purpose. Corina shared a number of different tools and methods that can be used to develop a Massive Transformative Purpose.

Next, Dr. Shannon Olsson shared stories of how different insects have rapidly adapted to their environments in an interactive session where participants shared how they have adapted to live more sustainable lives. Shannon also introduced the Echo Network, a research network where Science listens with an open heart.

We closed out the Abundance dome in an interactive way by reading through the fears shared in the opening session and discussing ways to overcome the fears in order to take abundance into the world.  There were many who had shared fear of Failure as a fear blocking people from tapping into abundance, and Lars Lin reminded us that people often feel that there are two options. They are failure or success but in reality, we should expect failure, failure, failure (learning) and then success.

The Event was a great success, and we look forward to the next edition in 2023! If you are interested in participating, volunteering, or want to share your experience from this year, click here.

Join the community and start to transform the world for a better future.
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