The Pitches: Stories from Exponential StartUps

After 30 days in the ExOBuilder exosystem, the teams were invited to present their Pitches for live feedback from Pedro Lopez-Sela (Innovation Expert), Diego Martínez de Velasco (Business Innovation & Entrepreneurship Consultant), Paty Mora. The results are here.

Angela Faye
Angela Faye

ExO Builder is a business incubator that helps startup companies and individual entrepreneurs develop their businesses by providing a full-scale range of services starting with training and ending with venture capital financing.

What makes the ExO Builder unique? It is based on the Evidence-Based Entrepreneurship & Lean Innovation (EBELI) process and system co-created, matured and improved over 20 years by entrepreneurs FOR entrepreneurs to move ideas to market; and has been used to date by 100,000+ private and public impact organizations in America, Asia, and Europe.  And, it is now championed by the OpenExO Community of 15,000+ exponential coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, investors, innovators to empower a culture and system entrepreneurship globally.

Three select emerging exponential startups - Yenna Tech, ExO Economy, FuturVille - are featured in this ExO Builder Podcast Series, Vol 1.

After 30 days in the ExOBuilder exosystem, the teams were invited to present their Pitches for live feedback from Pedro Lopez-Sela (Innovation Expert), Diego Martínez de Velasco (Business Innovation & Entrepreneurship Consultant), Paty Mora.  And, this is the result:


4:22 - Start of FuturVille pitch

Problem: Insufficient stock of 'social impact' property investment options and lagging uptake of exponential technologies by property owners/developers.

Solution: One-stop shop for designing and building private low-impact, high-quality-of-life communities- 'places worth living for'.

14:20 - Start of YennaTech pitch

Problem: Every physical business has gaps in cash flow & financing. Solution: Marketplace that helps landowners to digitize their property for growing agriculture for industrial buyers while 'changing states of mind'.

26:46 - Start of ExO Economy pitch

Problem: Transitioning to a tokenized economy is technically and socially challenging.

Solution: Invest in the OpenExO Community with their own utility token - EXOs, for support, collaboration, network impact to 'transform the world to a better place.'

These pitches are NOT intended to be public or private investment offerings and are provided for generation promotional purposes.  

Are you an early adopter curious about being an investor, partner, or client of these Pitch projects?  Here are key contact details to follow up directly:

Do you want to actively collaborate on transforming the world for a better future?  Does it make sense for you to be part of an Exponential Ecosystem of Venture Building?  Would it energize you to be part of a team that is working to create a massive, positive impact in the world?


Featured Entrepreneurs:

Pedro Lopez Sela, ExO Builder  LinkedIn

Diego Martinez de Valesco, Cuidad de Mexico  LinkedIn

Paty Mora, Directora Global Innovations HUBS en Tecnológico de Monterrey  LinkedIn

Prateek Bijjam, Yenna Tech   LinkedIn

Niki Faldemolaei, ExO Economy  LinkedIn

Angela Faye Barnard, FuturVille  LinkedIn

Host | Content Creator: Angela Faye is the Founder of Futurville, whose massively transformative purpose is “Imagining & Building Places Worth Living For”, and her massively transformative objective is supporting the creation of 2,000 new villages of the future by 2028.  LinkedIn | Twitter

Executive Producer: ExO Angels(™) provide funding for creation and distribution of the exoskeleton roadshow(™) and NextGen Economy(™) initiatives and is sponsor for the Augmented Human Performance Village.

Collaborators from ExO Economy home of the EXOS token, the OpenExO Community of coaches, consultants, investors, and entrepreneurs whose collective massively transformative purpose is ‘Transforming the World for a Better Future’:  Article Editor - Lisa Pereira - LinkedIn  |  Podcast Editor - Niki Faldemolaei - LinkedIn

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are not those of OpenExO Inc., its members, affiliates, or associates.  The content is provided for informational purposes only, and should not be relied upon as legal, business, investment, or tax advice. You should consult directly your own appropriate advisors and professionals as to those matters.

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