Enter the Exponential World -by Catherine Mules

Enter: The Exponential World

Ready, set... double. We must embrace the exponential, the inevitable. We are facing 20 Gutenberg moments [industry disruptions that accelerate us expansively forward] here and now.

Catherine Mules
Catherine Mules

People and their businesses evolved in a world that was local and linear. But today, our world is global and exponential. How do we win in this new world?

Ready, set… Double

The roadmap includes a network based on trust. It involves tiers of performance. It’s anonymized, sped-up, peer-to-peer.

We know the world evolves through forces of nature (that is, the evolution of species). So, it’s the same with the global community and marketplace. But, as with our current system, unless you know how it works, you won’t be able to impact the result or be involved.

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Data tells us what linear history has revealed, but we have to embrace the exponential truth, that civilization as we know it is moving faster than any futurist, sci-fi author or scholar can imagine.

“I have waited 30 years for this moment in time and am honored and privileged to bear witness to this phenomenon”

~ Lawrence Bloom, Thinker, Speaker, Activist, Chairman and current Secretary of the UN’s Inter Governmental Be Earth Foundation.

The back story – Moore’s Law

Those of us in the community have heard it before, but there are a bunch that haven’t – maybe you’ll be feeling the grind, maybe you’ll be excited about what’s next. Either way, this is the model with verifiability to hold the punch.

It’s a big one for the exponential model because it conceptualises a trend that’s been in the makings for seventy years, since the very first computer. Computation has been doubling since the 1900s. When technologies, industries, ideas become information equipped, their price and performance begins doubling, driven by information flows. Typically, this doubling is year-on-year.

It’s no isolated or one-off pattern, either. Once doubling starts, it keeps going. Information-powered tech has extended to AI, robotics, data science, neuroscience, nanotechnology, energy generation, and more.

There are some enthusiastic and bright people working on this in the background. This group, from an idea formed by Silicon valley vanguard Salim Ismail and collaborators, is now a full-fledged community of some 8,000 members from all the many diverse corners of the world.

Think the epic disruptions have slowed, or we’ve seen all it can do? There’s no stopping this doubling pace of change – it isn’t going to slow down anytime soon. Industries are crossing and combining resources, people are collaborating and exchanging ideas globally, with many more jobs. Businesses are more than ever knowing that they’ll only last if they are purpose driven – and answering the problems that it is now all-too-possible to resolve. In fact, linear thinking is deeply tied to the idea of scarcity – that is, limited resources. Today, our world is driven by a very different idea: one of the possibility of abundance.

“An invention needs to make sense in the world in which it is finished, not the world in which it is started.”

Ray Kurzweil, Pioneer Innovator and Futurist

Wait… Am I ready?

With exponential strategy, failure is – should be – an option. In parallel to the exponential awareness, is the awareness that human beings can be reluctant – sometimes very reluctant – to change. Think the sunk-cost bias – continuing to invest in a cause based on past money input, not results – to the confirmation bias – focusing on only the bits that confirm what you already want to believe. When we’ve invested money in a project, stubbornness and ego can take over, seeing us stuck in ideas and going in a direction that may bear little fruit with the market realities.

The reality is our biases limit us. To move forward, we must look objectively at the situation. We must embrace the exponential, the inevitable. We are facing 20 Gutenberg moments [industry disruptions that accelerate us expansively forward] here and now. Bigger questions face business too – how do we respond to sustainable development goals? How do we go beyond incremental change?

No longer is it about what’s happening now, it’s about the evolutionary trajectory, where the currents are taking us. {See the Attributes for a sense of the step-by-step Silicon Valley are taking in their day-to-day business strategy}. Every business should see themselves not as something static, but with a lab that is accelerating internal technologies. They should use their core competencies as visionary leverage not as discrete or silo-ed instances. It’s this past mold our global free-to-access community is working hard to overcome. We’d love you to join us too.

Do we think the current system isn’t working? Yes. Are we futurists? Most definitely. Join us on our Massive Transformative Purpose to change the world for the better.

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This article was originally published on March 9, 2021, on OpenExO Economy

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