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Disrupting Healthcare from the Ground Up

While loaded with jargon about exponential organizations, syntropic designs, and transformative purposes, the core concept is straightforward: We can collectively construct a better healthcare system by decentralizing innovation.

Niki Faldemolaei Michael Friebe, PhD

When it comes to industries ripe for disruption, healthcare tops the list. The bloated costs, inequitable access, and sick-care approach that diagnoses and subsequently treats symptoms of sick people rather than preventing illness have made this field a prime target for innovators exploring new models. And that's exactly what the "Transforming Healthcare" chapter delivers - a ground-up case study of using exponential thinking to revolutionize preventive care.

This chapter is part of a larger book that showcases how the exponential organization (ExO) framework pioneered by Salim Ismail, Peter Diamandis and a community of curators can be applied by small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs, not just tech giants. By tapping into ExO principles like leveraging the crowd, using staff on-demand, and maximizing shared assets, a diverse group is catalyzing change.

At the heart of "Transforming Healthcare" is an ambitious investment fund focused on nurturing early startups centered around the "5P Future of Health" concept: Prevention, Prediction through analytics, Precision or personalized medicine, Participation of individuals, and Prolonged healthy lifespan. Rather than incrementally improving sick care, the fund aims to spark a parallel business ecosystem devoted to keeping people well.

Author Michael Friebe Ph.D. Chapter excerpt…

Exponential organization concepts and attributes combined with the Purpose Impact Pyramid [7] and Syntropic Enterprise principles were the starting point of the idea for the operational setup that began in early 2022. The goal of the Purpose Impact Pyramid is to highlight the need for the creation of products and services with the goal to achieve triple sustainability and profits to sustain the operation and venture combined with the consideration of the Planet and People. The guiding Purpose ensures the generation of a Positive Impact. 

Syntropy, the opposite of entropy, means to leave everything on Earth and for the creatures better! This is done by applying the laws inherent in nature to enterprise design, human coordination, accounting for value, enabling financial, physical, and developmental provisioning, and structuring the legal code of the enterprise [8].

As such a Syntropic Enterprise is building entirely new models of enterprise that make our existing exploitative extraction to extinction models obsolete. Transformation and intentional disruption - in our case moving from Sickcare to Health (and beyond) - needs new models and needs bold and novel setups also for investment funds.

Our fund idea, which is a start-up itself, is to ensure excitement and create awareness of the problem, and with that excitement, engage in the 5P topics. This should also help the potential future deal flow and draw entrepreneurs into the local innovation ecosystem. 

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MyBodytune Portable Monitor: pre/post diagnosis - prevention/prediction/personalization
MyBodytune Portable Monitor: pre/post diagnosis - prevention/prediction/personalization

MyBodytune Portable Monitor: pre/post diagnosis - prevention/prediction/personalization

See us at NextMed Health Tech Lab, San Diego, Dec 2024
See us at NextMed Health Tech Lab, San Diego, Dec 2024

See us at NextMed Health Tech Lab, San Diego, Dec 2024

What's refreshing is how this endeavor emerges from the grassroots level, powered by the passions of entrepreneurs, medical experts, academics, and local community stakeholders. There's no corporate top-down mandate but rather a philosophy that transformative healthcare solutions must bubble up from those closest to the problems.

The fund leverages the ExO mindset in clever ways to overcome limited resources. Design challenges engage citizens to crowdsource ideas. Mentorship programs and university partnerships provide talent pipelines. A focus on lean, pivotable prototypes and experiments aligns with the ethos of building innovative new models iteratively with community input.

Future Health Transformation
Future Health Transformation

A Focus on Metrics that Matter…

ExO Attributes/Methodology:

The fund applies Exponential Organization (ExO) principles to set up and run operations, with a central emphasis on a Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP) of moving from "sick care" to health. Other attributes used to form this unique fund are Community & Crowd, Staff on Demand, Leveraged Assets, Engagement, Interfaces, Experiments

  • 5P FoH IF:
    • Objective: Be recognized as a leading innovation and start-up supporter in the 5P space.
    • Key Results: Receive >3 funding ideas per month after Month 12.Key Results: Received support from > 10 LP’s and € 10 Min in investment funds after 12 MonthKey Results: Connected to dedicated 5P related Funds in the US after 24 Months
  • Prevention:
    • Objective: Launch or participate in a minimum of 5 start-ups in the prevention space within the first year of operation.
    • Key Results: > 100.000 users of the products after 36 month. Key Results: convinced other finance partners to add investments to >50% of the start-ups 18 months after initial funding. Key Results: the start-ups have published >5 scientifically validated reports about the positive results 36 months after initial funding.
  • Predictive Health Analytics:
    • Objective: Fund at least 3 health start-up projects incorporating predictive analytics.
    • Key Results: Have scientific evidence of a greater than 6 month time improvement in early detection rates compared to traditional methods 36 months after initial funding. Key Results: Implementation of >5 predictive products in Low-Income Nations with positive results 24 months after initial offering.
  • Precision/Personalized Medicine:
    • Objective: Invest in a minimum of 2 start-ups in personalized medicine in the first 18 months.
    • Key Results: Track a >10% increase in patient satisfaction using these personalized healthcare services.
  • Participation:
    • Objective: Organize at least 3 Innovation Design Challenges on dedicated 5P topics with universities/innovation communities in the first 18 months.
    • Key Results: Establish lasting partnerships with a minimum of 5 health and exponential innovation networks. Key Results: Identify >10 novel ideas and support 3 groups towards starting a company.
  • Prolonged Life:
    • Objective: Invest in projects focusing on healthy longevity and prolonged life.
    • Key Results: Measure the impact of supported start-ups on increasing the average healthy lifespan.

Ultimately, this is a story of dismantling conventional ways of operating and re-imaging healthcare delivery in a synergistic model that creates abundance by preventing illness in the first place. It's inspired by big, utopian thinkers like Buckminster Fuller's philosophy of solving global problems cooperatively.

While loaded with jargon about exponential organizations, syntropic designs, and transformative purposes, the core concept is straightforward: We can collectively construct a better healthcare system by decentralizing innovation. This community-driven case study proves it's possible when we apply ExO principles with deeply human intentions.

For readers interested in how to activate real-world change beyond theorics, "Transforming Healthcare" makes an inspiring read. It's a reminder that revolutions can begin at the ground level when communities align abundant mindsets with exponential actions.

**Disclaimer: The information provided is not intended as an offer to sell securities or a solicitation of investment. This information is for educational or informational purposes only, and should not be construed as investment advice.

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The 5P Future of Health Investment Fund is a private initiative for healthcare transformation, combining visionary goals, structured execution, and a commitment to creating positive and lasting change in the healthcare landscape. Most importantly, it will create a lasting and convincing business model for keeping everyone healthy rather than focusing on diagnosing and treating the sick.

“Disruptive innovations may cure health care if we strategically maneuver the corporate & regulatory immune system,” ~ Clayton M Christensen

“Today's $3 trillion healthcare industry is in the deceptive phase of its march towards dematerialization, demonetization and democratization.” ~ Peter Diamandisrecognizing

“The experience of recognizing ALL-value, including value often neglected to be evidenced in the workplace, healthcare & finance, will potentially unleash unexpected synergistic potential.” ~ Christine McDougall Synergistic World

“Industries Create Scarcity, Purpose Generates Abundance” ~ Francisco Palao, Purpose Alliance

About the Authors

Niki Faldemolaei

Niki has over 30 years experience in biotechnology, mixed media, and regenerative communities in executive roles such as VP and Director of corporate communications, media and marketing, Sporting 6 certifications in ExO methodologies she brings strategic skills to the table, essential for securing visibility and buy-in across diverse sectors and is adept at validating processes for change across non-profits, institutions, and corporations. With a proven track record, Niki specializes in navigating exponential growth, fostering collaboration, and streamlining operations. Her expertise extends to building robust relationships between entities and refining go-to-market strategies.

Niki's portfolio includes transformative projects like Compliance Agility for SDG/ESG’s, ExO Angels and the Extended Health Span Index, demonstrating her ability to reshape industries and drive impactful change. She facilitates community engagement through initiatives like the OpenExO Experience, promoting collective action and innovation. Niki's dedication to innovation and her ability to navigate complexities make her an invaluable partner in propelling organizations towards sustainable growth and success.

Michael Friebe

Dr. Friebe has been involved in diagnostic imaging and image guided therapeutic products and services as well as other related Medical Technology ventures, as founder / innovator / CEO and investor.

He previously was the Founder and CEO of Tomovation + Alliance Medical Northern and Central Europe (Alliance bought Tomovation in 2008 - both radiology services companies) and prior to that of NEUROMED AG (acquired by UMS AG in 2001).

He also is a Board Member of several startup R&D companies, as well as investment partner of a medical technology startup-fund. He was a board member of three publicly traded medical technology companies in the US and Europe.
He is a regular speaker, listed inventor in 100+ patent applications, and has written over 400 articles and conference papers. Dr. Friebe is a member of IEEE, ISMRM, RSNA, and ECR and an affiliated Professor of Translational Research at the chair for Computer Aided Medical Procedures (CAMP) at the TU München. From 2014 to 2019 he was a Professor for Image Guided Therapies / Catheter Technologies at the Medical Engineering Institute of the Otto-von-Guericke university (OVGU) in Magdeburg, Germany and from 2019 on he is a member of the Medical Faculty. Since 2022 he is a full professor at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, Poland and the founding director of the Center for Innovation, Business Development and Entrepreneurship at the FOM University of Applied Sciences in Essen, Germany.

“Exponential Organizations in Action: Community-Curated Case Studies Transforming An Abundant Future”

Birthed from the same decentralized community that catalyzed “Exponential Organizations: Version 2.0” by Salim Ismail, Peter Diamandis, and Michael S. Malone, this audacious book charts an evolutionary path towards post-industrial abundance. It harmonizes exponential thinking with syntropic design principles and the collaborative ethos of web3, guided by the visionary ideas of our very own futurists.

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Stewarded by ExO Angels 

ExO Angels have deep ties to solving for global challenges. In recent years, there has been an increased focus on decentralized forms of social organization. This shift is in part due to the growing body of evidence that decentralized systems are more effective at meeting the needs of their members. When power is decentralized, individuals are able to make decisions that are based on the needs of their community rather than the top 1%. This leads to more equitable and sustainable societies. 

One of the most important benefits of decentralized systems is that they give the female archetype a greater role in decision-making. When women are given sovereignty over their own communities, they are more likely to focus on the needs of their residents. This, in turn, leads to more sustainable and equitable societies. Decentralization is a powerful tool for promoting social justice and creating more livable communities. The time is now to embody the divine balance of nature's law.

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Michael Friebe, PhD

Professor of HealthTec Innovation at the medical faculty of the OVGU in Magdeburg, Germany and at AGH UST in Krakow, Poland. Inventor of 100 patents, >300 science papers, >35 Medtec start-ups.