Digitize Your Physical Asset: From Idea to Implementation for Crypto-Friendly Accommodations

By representing physical assets as digital tokens on a distributed digital ledger or blockchain, it’s possible to unlock the value of real-world assets and exchange them in real-time.

Angela Faye
Angela Faye

Token-based assets are rapidly gaining widespread acceptance.

According to IBM’s Institute for Business Value, today, it takes a few clicks to buy an airline ticket or a new sweater, but if you want to buy stocks or get a mortgage, transactions are more time-intensive. Whether it’s waiting for documents or settlement, many types of transactions aren’t instant. Assets like gold, real estate, fine art, or carbon credits are more difficult to transfer, often obligating buyers and sellers to contend with mountains of paperwork and lengthy procedures.

By representing physical assets as digital tokens on a distributed digital ledger or blockchain, it’s possible to unlock the value of real-world assets and exchange them in real-time.

For one property owner in Coinco, Chile, ‘real-time’ exchange AND overcoming the problem of expensive residential and commercial real estate are two key value propositions for digitizing his Dome dwellings.

As a starting point, the owner is tokenizing his physical assets by accepting cryptocurrencies for access to ‘stays’ in unique Dome dwellings. Think ‘AirBnB’ meets ‘crypto-payments’.  The initial intent is to get ‘tokens’ cash flow leveraging a traditional ‘service’ - accommodation stays for short/long term stays by leisure travelers and digital nomads. Accepting cryptocurrencies makes it easier to trade with people globally, increases revenue streams from new forms of payment, and attracts purpose-driven crypto-enthusiasts.  

Over time, the owner anticipates offering Dome dwellings in multiple locations and offering fractional ownership opportunities to social-impact investors that value access, community, and co-creating impact over expensive-exclusive ownership of bricks-and-mortar.

The visionary and Dome Host is Angelo Ortega, an impact coach/consultant whose massively transformative purpose (MTP) is to ‘Empower and Connect Communities through Spoken English Using Tokenization”. He is Director of an International Centre Language School in Chile. And, he works directly with two blockchain utility tokens - as a Marketing Team Member of the ExO Economy and Ambassador for Rutanio.com.  

For insights on digitizing property or physical assets, and becoming more crypto-friendly we invite you to listen to this NextGen Economy Podcast to:

  • Experience how one OpenExO community Member is using cryptocurrency to increase cashflow for his accommodation property
  • Take the Learn & Earn program for basic training on becoming a crypto-friendly business.
  • Be inspired to visit RetroDomes in Chile
  • Connect with Angelo about investing in a Crypto-Village



Podcast Highlights

01:30 - Angelo’s Entrepreneurial Journey Highlights

07:22- Becoming a Crypto-Friendly Business

21:13 - Crypto-Ville: A Live-Work-Play Crypto-Mining & Education Destination

How to Book Accommodation in the Domes, Chile

For members of the OpenExO Community, take advantage of this limited time only Marketplace opportunity:

Use any Fiat or other Cryptocurrency to book Stay in Domes, Chile

  • Check availability and rates starting at $US 115 on Google, then book direct with Angelo
  • Host Angelo will confirm your reservation and provide crypto transfer details via email or phone message to complete booking.  While most cryptocurrencies listed on CoinMarketCap.com are being accepted, here are some of Angelo’s top tokens:

 EXOs  |  RUTANIOs  |  BitCoin |  Ethereum |  LiteCoin


Cryptocurrency and blockchain projects all over the world are emerging as disruptive technology reinventing business models and providing a new decentralized way to deal with our common daily activities. And, there are a growing number of products and services accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment.

As more people discover that they can work when they want, where they want and they are working and playing to earn cryptocurrencies it will become increasingly important to become a crypto-friendly big or small business.

If you are unsure where to start, you are not alone.  Angelo offers these tips to get started:

  • Learn crypto rules and policies of your country
  • Understand blockchain technology
  • Don’t get overwhelmed by code and technicalities, just learn terminology and start imagining how YOU can add value directly to customers
  • Earn EXOs - the OpenExO utility token, while learning for yourself. Then use these tokens to get traction for a project idea that transforms the world to a better future
  • Learn ‘What is a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization)’

OFFER: Learn and Earn

You are invited to Learn & Earn on the OpenExO Academy 3.0 platform, a beginner guide to key concepts of cryptocurrency, blockchain, plus ExO Economy transactional tools including how to download an online wallet, get technical support, and start sending/receiving your first tokens.  

If you complete the course, you can earn 50 EXOs to spend in the Community Marketplace.


Angelo has the dream of creating multiple Crypto-Villages that are:

  • A solution for affordable housing + sustainable living
  • A solution to develop rural | remote destinations
  • Self-sufficient, low impact and sustainable work, live, play destinations
  • Scalable to global destinations to support the transformation to decentralized finance, work, and way of life

Early adopters can invest with as little as US$1,000 backed by the blockchain to get:

  • Work-on-demand in crypto-mining and crypto-education on location
  • Access to a central asset pool - the shared ownership of leveraged assets including land and crypto-mining machines
  • Access to multiple Crypto-Ville residential and workspace locations
  • Crypto-education

Or, if you are a Community Leader connect with Angelo about developing a local live-work-play Crypto-Ville that supports your people to make a global impact and make the transition to a digital economy smarter, faster, and easier than ever before imagined.

For fun, you are also encouraged to take a trip to Coinco, Chile to meet with Angelo and his family to experience the beta-development first-hand.



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Angelo Ortega's Details + RetroDomes Google Listing: https://www.google.com/maps/place/RetroDomos/@-34.2721645,-70.9739015,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x966365429f64dc87:0xaaa3c808e6b30258!8m2!3d-34.2721645!4d-70.9717128

RetroDomes on Booking.com: http://www.booking.com/Share-PQhM53i

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Book Mention: “AI 2041: Ten Visions for Our Future”, Dr. Kai Fu-Lee, https://www.ai2041.com/

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Featured Entrepreneur: Angelo Ortega is an impact coach/consultant whose massively transformative purpose is to ‘Empower and Connect communities through spoken English using tokenization”. He is Director of an International Centre Language School in Chile. He works directly with two blockchain utility tokens - as a Marketing Team Member of the ExO Economy and Ambassador for Rutanio.com.   LinkedIn | OpenExO

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