Does ChatGPT Help To Codify Your Purpose?

The whole point of codifying individual purpose is the willingness to challenge assumptions and beliefs and never lose focus during the process.

Luca Leonardini
Luca Leonardini

Let's begin with the biggest problem with becoming purpose-driven

One of the biggest challenges to becoming purpose-driven is that it can be difficult to identify and clarify your sense of purpose.

This complex and introspective process requires self-reflection, deep thinking, and a willingness to challenge your assumptions and beliefs.

Maintaining focus and commitment to your purpose can also be difficult in the face of distractions, temptations, and other obstacles.

Additionally, some people may feel overwhelmed or uncertain about how to pursue their purpose or struggle to find the support and resources they need.

Overall, becoming purpose-driven is a process that requires dedication, effort, and persistence.

Thank you ChatGPT. Great job! 👍

What you just read is not written by me. It's the answer that ChatGPT tossed in less than 15 seconds. Remarkable!

I love the depth of the answer to a complex question.

What ChatGPT describes is essentially the reason why I wrote: "Codify Your Purpose." And that is pretty awesome.

The book intends to help people to overcome the problem of clarifying the sense of purpose, showing a clear path with simple tools designed to deal with the complexity of an introspective process.

The whole point of codifying individual purpose is the willingness to challenge assumptions and beliefs and never lose focus during the process.

That's exactly what the book is all about.

They Endorsed Codify Your Purpose

What about the question of the title?

The answer, of course, is “no,” ChatGPT can not help to codify your purpose, and this is what you can start doing.

1. To learn more about “Codify Your Purpose”

To have a look at the contents, read the prologue, the preface, the introduction, the reference books, and the height endorsements received from height world-class personalities, including Salim Ismail – download this 40-page file.

2. Ask me anything about purpose or the book

Reserve your seat in the upcoming OpenExO webinars that will take place in a week on Wednesday, 28 December. I will answer the eight most frequently asked questions about purpose and take any question you might want to ask me about the topic or the book.

3. Choose your favorite book format

Codify Your Purpose” exists in ePUB format, paperback, and hardcover that include 15 pages worksheet with activities.

The printed version is a colorful book designed in A4 format with plenty of white space for the reader to take notes or answer questions, with images, illustrations, external links to videos and articles to create a diversified learning experience.

The book is available on Amazon. Choose your favorite format, read it in one sitting – it takes 45 minutes – follow the QR code links, do the activities, start with the first round and iterate a few times.

When you're done, you'll have the first draft of your purpose statement. I guarantee it!

And if you want, in the book, you will find the way to get in direct contact with me. I am really looking forward to hearing from you.

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