Building the Communities We Want Starts with 'Purpose'

Join us at the upcoming Live Virtual Masterclass on Wednesday, November 16th, and learn the "6 Ways to Live Your Best Life & Better the World"...starting with defining your Purpose.

Angela Faye
Angela Faye

How do you "Build Communities We Want"?  It starts with the three "P's" - Purpose, Profits, Property.

At the 2022 Vancouver Island Economic Alliance Summit last month, I attended a panel discussion, "Building the Communities We Want: How can we quicken approval times for housing projects while protecting community interests."

There was a good turnout. #Developers, elected #officials, & Municipal staff were on the panel, plus estimate 80+ audience members joined from all over #vancouverisland & #britishcolumbia Canada.  The dialogue was on 'what is the problem' and 'how do we solve it'.

What I heard was:

  • consensus that the development approval process is broken, outdated or increasingly irrelevant based on norms | systems | policies or practices;
  • one city (Victoria, BC Can) has a current shortage of 6,000 housing units, and is fast-tracking non-profit building projects through the development approval process [source unverified]
  • there is a culture of 'us' and 'them,' making REAL collaboration to solve problems together in a timely manner difficult,
  • little to no room for good intentioned companies/staff to approve projects that make sense due to these (and other) roadblocks: slow to get updated Official Community Plans, major delays in approval processes, lack of built in 'experimentation' lands/options, and the corporate immune system.

What I didn't hear:

  • no communities presented their aligned Massively Transformative Purpose or Market Dominating Position on empowering (or providing) housing solutions;
  • inside scoop on communities that have pre-approved incentives, reduction of red-tape, innovative policy to encourage affordability/timeliness/innovation in housing solutions to meet provide housing needs smarter, faster, better than traditional options;
  • no communities showed up to say they are open to fast-tracking housing technology solutions (e.g. 3-D printed, adaptable, modular, cohousing/coliving, fintech) or zoning incentives

I realize it is complicated.

I deduce that it is intentionally restrictive and controlling.

But can 'Building the Communities We Want' be simplified?

Can we empower more people with the inspiration, tools, training, and systems to actively better our communities?

By now, I hope you are asking or curious about why PURPOSE is a starting point for "Building Communities We Want."   The OpenExO  Solutions & Business Development team has the data and experience to prove that if you are aligned on Purpose, these magic things happen:

- Purpose-driven individuals, companies, and destinations ATTRACT

- Purpose drives enrichment and profits

- Purpose-driven people, organizations, and destinations are more agile and resilient than those without purpose [MORE READING: Check out the article 'Being Exponential: The Value Imperative' by Chander Nagpal, a fellow Advisor | Author | Speaker for Purpose-Driven Exponential 10X Results

Do you want to take this knowledge and insights for a test drive?


Attend the upcoming Live Virtual Masterclass "6 Ways to Live Your Best Life & Better the World"...starting with defining your Purpose.  You can participate via: LinkedIn Live, Facebook Live, or register here on Eventbrite.

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Peter H. Diamandis shares his insights on 'What is an MTP' - for individuals and organizations - in this 5-minute video.

And, here is a worksheet tool you can use to uncover and define your organization's purpose.

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