6 Ways to Live Your Best Life and Better the World

6 Ways to Live Your Best Life & Better the World

It is a tough journey; it takes work, discipline, and shifting your mindset and behavior. It may involve overcoming the ego and limiting beliefs, and it certainly involves shifting your physical & mental immune system and reframing how you show up in the world.

Angela Faye
Angela Faye

We've all felt it.  That urge to be MORE of who you really are. To give MORE value to people you love working with. To have MORE while working less. To have MORE opportunities to live-work-play in multiple amazing destinations!

Be mindful and take note (literally - write it down!) of where you are today. On a scale of 1 (being low - it feels like work all the time) and 10 (being high - it feels easy or like play all the time), what is your current energy level related to:

  1. Your physical self.  How often are you physically able to do the things you want or love to do? For hours at a time?  Occasionally? Rarely?
  2. Your emotional self.  Are you are experiencing agitation, frustration - or worse...the start of resentment in a work or personal relationship?  If so you are probably on a scale of >4.  Do you feel like you are 'spinning your wheels' in the same routine, with people who don't see or feel things the way you do? Maybe you wrote down 5-6.  Do you feel in control of your emotions? Or let them flow through you freely in full expression? Perhaps you wrote down 7+.  
  3. Your mental self.  How easy is decision-making for you?  How much time do you spend planning everything out to the last dotted "i" or crossed "t"?  Do you ever find yourself in 'analysis-paralysis' - overanalyzing or overthinking a situation until no solution and course of action is decided upon within a natural time frame?  Chances are you wrote down a number >6. Does serendipity or good fortune seem to happen to you a lot? You probably wrote down 8-10.  
  4. Your work self.   On a scale of 1-10, consider: Are you where you want to be in your job, career, or entrepreneurial pursuits?  Are you enjoying the work you are doing with people?  Are results coming to you easily?  Are you feeling adequately rewarded for your efforts?  Do you feel a sense of personal fulfillment? How confident do you feel that you are contributing to a better world? Do you radiate energy, clarity, and a clear direction for others on how they can engage in the work you do?    
  5. Your philosophical self.  Do you feel marginalized, controlled - or worse, defeated, by the people who you've chosen to influence you?  If so, maybe you wrote down >4.  Do you sometimes find yourself trying to 'sell' your philosophies or ideas to others?  Perhaps you wrote down 4-6.  Or do you have a mindset that works, feels liberating, doesn't generate negative emotion and insecurity, and doesn't involve too much control from outside?  Likely a 7+.
  6. Your spiritual self.  How much of the god-force do you have in you?  How often do you find yourself negatively thinking or feeling 'oh my god' (or similar)? Come on - we've all done it. Perhaps when you are watching the news or listening to people rant on social media; and you say to yourself or out loud, 'Oh my god, are you kidding?  Is that really happening over there?'  If you do this a lot - it may even consume you or be an addition - you probably wrote down five or less.  How often do you find yourself positively thinking or feeling 'oh my god' (or similar)?  Perhaps when you are consuming knowledge/insights from sources you love.  Perhaps you have MORE than your fair share of 'aha' moments - from external or internal sources.  You likely wrote down 6-10.

So, back to that urge.  That urge to be MORE of who you really are. To give MORE value to people you love working with. To have MORE while 'working' less. To have MORE opportunities to live-work-play as you want to.  

To be, give or have MORE, it starts with YOU!  

It starts with raising YOUR energy. It starts with deciding for yourself that enough-is-enough of accepting the status quo of 1's, 4's, or 6's. It starts with committing to move beyond your status quo and aim for 10's.   The closer you get to 10's in the above (and other) measures of life, the more enrichment you'll feel for yourself, so you can go out and enrich the lives of others - at home, in your workplace, and in your community.

We KNOW this journey is not easy.  If it was easy, you would have done it for yourself by now.

And it is far from effortless. It is a tough journey; it takes work, discipline, and shifting your mindset and behavior. It may involve overcoming the ego and limiting beliefs, and it certainly involves shifting your physical & mental immune system and reframing how you show up in the world.

So who are we?  And where and how can I get help on the journey?  

First of all, the 'we' is NOT people that promise you the world. You can have this, you can have that...and its effortless.  Avoid them.  It is rarely effortless.  

And there are lots of "we's" in the world.  They are people who've been where you are now, have taken chances, done their own work and now offer physical, emotional, mental, business/career, philosophical, and spiritual coaching | consulting | products | services to others.  Find someone you can relate to. Someone who's energy you appreciate!  Someone who has been where you are now but they are 4-10x ahead of you in at least one or more areas of life.

If you have a particular focus area you want to work on, look for them in that field - e.g. physical fitness coach, mental health consultant, spiritual guide.  If you want to integrate them ALL, find someone who seems to have energy/flow in all areas of life AND look for people or organizations that self-subscribe as being "exponential".    

Take the time to listen to them; to invest in the experiences they offer; AND integrate the learnings for yourself.

You'll find a number of these people in the OpenExO community - they have signed up to 'Transform the World to a Better Future".  And one focus group in that community is the Exponential Individuals initiative. A growing community of people dedicated to providing inspiration, tools and training to "Make Human Optimization the Norm".  Many are certified, trained and passionate about supporting you on this journey.

So, when you are ready to TAKE ACTION, invest time and resources to 'Live Your Best Life and Better the World', we invite you to be inspired and guided to raise your #energy, reclaim your inner power, and gain clarity on how you can show up MORE to Live Your Best Life and Better the World, starting with these 6 Ways:  

1. Uncover and define your Massively Transformative Purpose (MTP).  It is a single sentence that has these attributes:

  • It is Uniquely Yours
  • It completely inspires you
  • Neither too narrow or technology specific
  • Aimed at the heart and the mind
  • Declared with sincerity and confidence

2. Think Big & Explore Grand Challenges, such as awareness of

3. Imagine and Build Your Next Self-Awareness Story

  • What got you here?
  • What’s your old story?
  • What are you committed to?
  • What is within your control?
  • What’s your future story?

4. Let go of Things that Don't Serve You | Your Purpose

  • Simplify
  • What's Unimportant
  • What's Outside of your control
  • What's causing you Anxiety, stress, fear, frustration
  • Relationships
  • Take action on Quick wins | Long nurtures

5. Invest in (or become) a Purpose Driven Community

  • Find and invest in a NEW physical or digital Community
  • Show up with your MTP, Thinking Big, ExI Story
  • Consider where you have (or want to have) influence, and lead your community to become MORE purpose-driven

6. Learn the Origin of & Master Your Feelings

  • What are they - physical AND emotional
  • Now, identify them
  • Acknowledge them - they support you
  • What are they presenting to you?
  • Work them out!
  • Use Experiences | Stories to give you confidence
  • Cultivate 10 Power Emotions

Want to see these 6 Ways described in more detail?  

Watch this recorded Masterclass -  50-minute #Purpose #Accelerator #Masterclass with Certified #ExponentialOrganization & #ExponentialIndividual Hosts Angela Faye and Rodrigo Salazar.    

For the best experience, we recommend turning off all distractions and fully engage in the recorded Masterclass; and when you have more time to do the work, download a digital copy of the Masterclass Workbook - click here for the Workbook Link.

We KNOW its not easy to do this work alone. If it was easy, you would have done it yourself by now.  

Which is why we offer these IMMERSIVE experiences, led and facilitated by certified/trained Exponential coaches | consultants:

Attend or Host a Purpose Accelerator Retreat in an amazing destination.   Blend work and play on our 5-10 day Purpose Accelerator retreats. They are carefully and lovingly designed to engage and bring together pre-qualified participants, and provide immersive inspiration, training and guidance to help raise their energy and be MORE purpose-driven. Go beyond traditional tourist escapes to explore close-to-nature or sacred #Exponential Places. Purpose Accelerator retreats offer 4-5 star or unique accommodations, healthy | empowering food sourced locally, pre-and post trip preparation and recommendations to get maximum return-on-your investment, plus enriching healing, outdoor adventure, or indigenous experiences unique to the destination.  

Have question about attending or hosting a Purpose Accelerator Retreat in the next 3, 6 or 12 months - fill in this form to share a bit about yourself with us now.

Attend or Host a 1-2 Day Purpose Accelerator Masterclass in Your Community. Our 1-2 day Masterclasses are designed to help raise the energy of your Members, staff, clients or collaboration partners individually; then help the group get alignment on a collective 'Massively Transformative Purpose'.  Masterclasses are ideally held in person - the collective energy 'in the room' is powerful!  

Have question about attending or hosting a Purpose Accelerator Masterclass in the next 3, 6 or 12 months - fill in this form to share a bit about yourself with us now.

Angela is an OpenExO Solutions Team Ambassador, Founder of Futurville, and uniquely certified and trained as a provider of Purpose | Profit | Property Accelerator products and services, with 35+ years experience creating and hosting impactful arts/culture, travel, tourism, sports, and business attraction events and experiences.  


Recorded Masterclass footnote: We want to thank Peter Diamandis, Brene Brown, Tina and Ronin for their stories of inspiration.  xo

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