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30 Doubling Challenge Transforms Linear Mindset to Exponential Mindset

More to the point, mainstream culture is grappling to make sense of exponentials as these technologies become more and more a part of daily life.

Stacey Murphy
Stacey Murphy

How we measure the world matters. What we focus on creates our reality.

Consider Babylonian mathematics for a moment. It was based on a sexigesimal system, which is why we have 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, and 360 degrees in a circle. Can you imagine a minute having 100 seconds or an hour having 100 minutes?

Our brains would have to transition to a completely new understanding of time. Which emerging technologies today are insisting we do. We are in an historical moment where the foundation of how we think about time and progress is shifting to an Exponential Mindset. As an entrepreneur and impact investor, it’s imperative to think exponentially to thrive in this new world order.

Logarithmic mathematics, and it’s inverse, Exponentials, came into human consciousness in the 17th century, and used mostly by engineers and researchers. Until now…

Blockchain, Tokenization and Cryptocurrencies Bring Patterns of Exponential Growth into Mainstream Conversations

More to the point, mainstream culture is grappling to make sense of exponentials as these technologies become more and more a part of daily life.

That’s why the 30 Doubling Challenge by the Exponential Organizations Economy is intriguing. The mission is to show people how deceivingly fast exponential growth is. You start with 0.00002 EXOs tokens and 30 doublings later you have 10,737 tokens.

If you look at the number of tokens from start to finish, you might notice that ten decimal places are a big leap in numbers! Many businesses try to 10x their bottom line, which is jumping just one decimal place, and they fail. So thinking about jumping ten decimal places… the logical brain has a hard time even comprehending what that means.

The idea of 30 doublings is a brilliant mind trick. It’s manageable. It’s the bridge to shift your mindset from linear to exponential without the fancy logarithmic grid paper.

And that’s why I had to experience the challenge... to see if my brain could bridge the gap.

So I began my journey with the 30 Doubling Challenge.

To receive a doubling, there is a list of potential activities that incentivize me to engage with the Exponential Organizations community, the public, and with the tokens. All things that help me with my goals as an entrepreneur.

I complete my first ten doublings on the first day, and go from 0.0002 to only 0.01024 tokens!

If this was a road trip from California to New York, I am technically one-third of the way there, somewhere in New Mexico. Yet it feels like I haven't left the driveway yet, because the number of tokens is still so small. On the second day, I complete the next ten doublings for a total of twenty doublings. I now have 10.49 tokens. My brain knows that I am two-thirds of the way there. But when I see how small the payout is after so much activity, I wonder if I will ever cross the finish line. On that same road trip, I am all the way to Indiana somewhere.

When Giving Up Would Be a Big Mistake

At 24 doublings I am only at 168 tokens. Really?!? This is when the mind chatter starts to kick in. It sounds like little kids in the backseat of the car, “Are we almost THERE yet?”

This is the moment I almost fall asleep at the wheel without realizing where I am. It felt like I was still in my California neighborhood when in reality, I am all the way to Ohio. Is it all worth it? If this was a business, you might think you were never going to achieve your goal, abandon ship, and try something new.

That would be a serious error of judgment.

Here’s the thing that blew my mind after reaching 27 doublings. Everyone says this, but you don’t really get it until you experience it for yourself.

Those last 4 tasks feel VERY satisfying. So much progress is seemingly so effortless compared to what came before. I feel as if I am teleporting to my destination. Each doubling, I receive a significant number of tokens. I complete an extra two doublings because I am now in flow and feeling the rewards.

So did the challenge deliver on its promise to help me understand an Exponential Mindset?

To test it, here’s an interesting question.

Can Your Brain Map Exponential Growth Accurately?

Our goals in business and life are always expanding. So now that I have 10,737 tokens, how do I conceptualize getting to one billion (1,000,000,000) tokens? A question you might want to consider to become a better entrepreneur in today's times.

My brain looks at all those zeroes, counts the number of decimal places, and estimates another fifteen doublings based on my prior experience. And after doing the math, it is actually seventeen doublings to get to 1,407,320,064 tokens. My estimate is only two doublings off, but a significant number of tokens difference. Fifteen doublings are only 351,830,016 tokens... a little more than a third of the goal.

So the challenge was effective in giving me a new tool to gauge exponential growth more easily for now. But it’s still a bit of a crutch. It's not yet accurate as each doubling is critical. And it’s not quite an Exponential Mindset counting the number of doublings. That’s still a linear process for the brain.

But this tool is very useful. It’s so simple that I almost missed it. And it creates a bridge so that someday our brains will actually shift to logarithmic thinking because we will be swimming in even more exponential technology every day.  
To get your feet wet and earn EXOS tokens, visit the ExO Economy at to play with the latest tools in an earn, learn & invest environment.

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