We are Updating the Global Best Seller Exponential Organizations in the best way possible; exponentially!

Salim, his co-authors, and a group of close advisers created the first edition. This time, we are doing it together and we are doing it publicly. Our community now has over 80 volunteers and changemakers curating portions of the book.

Salim Ismail
Salim Ismail

Our community of change-makers has grown around the concepts in that book to over 8000 people in 132 countries speaking 42 languages. Most of that growth happened in 2020.

With the first edition, we followed a traditional approach and, for the first edition this worked well. But, for this second edition, we will release the book for free in digital format. We will do this so that every single person on planet earth that wants to read this book will be able to do so without any barriers.

Salim, his co-authors, and a group of close advisers created the first edition. This time, we’re doing it differently. We are doing it together and we are doing it publicly. Our community now has over 80 volunteers and changemakers curating portions of the book. We are running book events every few weeks to collaborate and create. These book creation collaboration events are open to the public to watch, participate in, or even become part of the team creating the book! This has been amazing to watch and this process will produce the book in record time.

The Six-Year trailing returns for the top 10 Fortune 100 companies as ranked by the Exponential Quotient, a measure of how much of an Exponential Organization a company is, significantly outperformed the bottom 10. This significant difference is also seen in the Market Capitalization (more on these results coming soon...). One thing is for sure, a company cannot afford NOT to be an exponential organization.

It has been over 5 years since Exponential Organizations was written and a tremendous amount of learning has taken place since then. It has created billions of dollars in value around the world. Now, it’s time to really grow. Salim Ismail together with the OpenExO Community is currently embarking on the update of the book in a collaborative and crowdsourced process.

Coaches, investors, consultants, and innovation specialists helping organizations, institutions, and people unlock abundance to change the world, and are participating in the second edition of this global bestseller. They have been adding their real-life experience with many of the ideas and concepts in the book and have been meeting across time zones to collaborate, express their ideas, and find some of the most relevant and global case studies for this updated version.

They have hosted sessions in a series of community events open to the public. You can catch recordings here. Never has a best-selling book been revised by over 80 active community members that make up part of the OpenExO Community.

Salim Ismail, the lead author of Exponential Organizations will continue to be an active contributor leading the many public and group discussions.

We are also happy to announce that Peter Diamandis will co-author the book with Salim, Mike Malone, and all the participating members of the community. Fortune Magazine recently named Peter Diamandis as one of the World’s 50 Greatest Leaders and we are very excited to have him as part of the team creating version 2 of Exponential Organizations.

Mike S. Malone will also return to add the final touches to the book. Michael S. Malone is one of the world’s best-known technology writers. We are absolutely thrilled that he’ll be helping our community with his unique skills and creativity.

"EXPONENTIAL ORGANIZATIONS should be required reading for anyone interested in the ways exponential technologies are reinventing best practices in business." —Ray Kurzweil, Director of Engineering at Google

That was the first version. The second version will be even better!

OpenExO, Inc a Public Benefit Corporation is the sponsor of version two of Exponential Organizations. OpenExO is an organization that incubates exponential organizations, trains exponential leaders, and produces events, media, and more to help transform the world for a better future. Learn more at www.openexo.com and www.exoworld.live.

Salim Ismail has been building disruptive digital companies as a serial entrepreneur since the early 2000s.  As a prolific speaker, Salim gives more than 150 talks a year to audiences of all sizes around the world. He has been profiled across a vast array of media outlets including The New York Times, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Fortune, Forbes, WIRED, Vogue, and the BBC. Salim Ismail is a sought-after strategist and a renowned technology entrepreneur who built and sold his company to Google. Learn more at www.salimismail.com

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Salim's the author of Exponential Organizations. He's an XPRIZE Foundation Board member, Founding Executive Director of Singularity University; Chairman of OpenExO & ExO Works, etc