NEXTGEN ECONOMY PODCAST: "Design, NFT's, Fractional Ownership," with Ebony Walsh

Ebony Walsh is focusing on the convergence of built environments, software development, blockchain, Web 3.0 + Virtual Reality, Strategic Foresight, and Design Research; and, adding her unique experiences and insights.

Angela Faye
Angela Faye

So many of the Next Generation is developing creative, intellectual, and technical solutions for the built + digital environment, adopting emerging technologies to develop and implement efficient systems that will create a more intelligent building process, contribute to environmental challenges and promote an optimal human experience.

Ebony Walsh is one of these Next Generation changemakers.  She is focusing on the convergence of  design, NFT's, and fractional ownership opportunities for otherwise traditional built environments.



Hi, this is Angela Faye from NextGen Economy podcast. Today. I'm here with Ebony Walsh, who is a design and innovation enthusiast. Who's massively transformative purpose is to design hardware or built environment as efficient as software for optimal human. Ebony is from Marmara a small town outside of Toronto Canada, and is currently working as a digital nomad designer in Brazil.

Ebony, welcome to the podcast.

Thanks for having me.

Angela: You and I have a few things in common. First of all, we met in the community, where there are 17,000 change-makers who are working on transforming the world for a better future. And that in its own right, is pretty amazing that you have landed in that community.

I just noticed that your avatar on the computer is different than on my mobile. And you happen to say that you're involved in an NFT project. Ebony, can you share a little bit about you.

Ebony: I'm very curious and experimental and I love to take action. So a friend of mine, she's a UX designer. We were like, let's we want to interact with the space. And we have, there's a lot of skills that go into it, from community building setting up your own economy from the development of the sites, from making the artwork. And so I was like, you know what?

I always want to learn how to develop. So I'm going to develop this. You can do the UX. We're gonna find her other friends. She's an artist. We're going to get her to do the arts and we're gonna make our own community. And so I was already having a community before on edgy tech and because it's really important to me to, to I'm taking this initiative, but also bring people with me.

It's a nurturing quality of mine. So I really wanted to help others as well, adapt to these technologies to understanding. And we're going to help people as well, mint their first NFT. And so we're taking a lot of people who were like, Hey, you know nothing about this space of NFT. We're going to teach you, we're going to hold your hand through the whole experience.

We're going to teach you how to mint NFTs. We're going to give you a lot of information about them, about crypto, but the metaphors about. All the technologies, blockchain; so all of us are really enthusiastic about Web 3.0.

Angela: I am very excited to stay tuned on that project and perhaps we can do another update, but for now, can people find your community or your minted NFTs online?

Ebony: We're just launching now. We're just starting off. Hopefully I'll have all of my development finished by next week for the sites. We'll be minting in March, but we have so all the socials. So we have Instagram, we have Twitter, we have discord ,  yesterday, we hosted a talk in Twitter with a Founder of United Coin and they are doing amazing things. I would love sometime to share with you what I learned from him about NFTs and around ownership. It really blew my mind.

Angela: You know what, now's the time. What blew your mind?

Ebony: So I've been looking into this real estate side of things and ownership and fractionalization and if we're building communities, how can we own things and still be able to move and be lean and flexible?

Like a lot of other organization, exponential organizations do, but I'm like, okay, where does the. Royalties and the investments still come in and they've created something for that. They've taken a lot of financial models, not just around royalties and ownership, but they've done a lot of. Regular financial models and now have created them with the blockchain, with NFTs, with ownership involved.

And so they had some really cool examples. If you were to make a coffee shop and you needed capital for it, we would all invest into it. But every coffee that was sold, we would get royalty. Or so it goes with the ownership and the fractionalization as well as getting the returns and our generation that we want those returns on everything.

We want those investments!

Angela: Ebony I share that perspective with you on. How, shared ownership and fractional ownership in every investment, whether it's a cup of coffee or a home, every step of the way you're really buying in. To a community and a product that you believe in and like-minded people might be in the digital or the physical space there.

So I see NFTs as a tool to revolutionize. Retail hospitality, homeownership. Do you agree?

Ebony: Exactly. And this United quiet, they're really doing it. They're really proposing a lot of that. And that's the first company I've been aware of. That's doing it. That's really setting that besides the art.

And I know they exist, but that one, that company is the first that I had seen.

Angela: With your NFTs that you're minting right now.  You already have  momentum here with a community. What do you have a purpose attached to those first round of NFTs?

Ebony: So our community is smaller than most activities. Our thing is more quality than quantity our  initial purpose is to help and guide people and introduce them to these technologies and help them adapt. I'm really interested in edgy tech and I have a community called mathematics, so it's teaching them the math behind what's happening.

And so we really just want to introduce people and help people that have maybe no idea and bring them. And we're going to introduce them to a very small, cute caring community, because the space is, you see these people with, laser beam, eyes, and demons, and, it's very masculine.

It's very scary. People might ask - what am I buying? Why am I buying a JPEG? What does that mean? And it's not just about the JPEG. So we're going to show people. Introduce them more, but start with this as the concept.

Angela: Why is it not just about the JPEG? What are they actually buying when you invest in an NFT?

Ebony: So in this case they will be buying into the community and then we buying into access. To our information and to our community and to our events. But this access could be to anything and ownership to anything in the future.

Angela: It's not just for your events and community and your expertise and access now, but it's also the gateway to everything that you might innovate with in the future, it's like an unlimited pass to what your community is creating today, but also in the future.

Ebony: You see another concept in NFTs is called a roadmap. Some of the NFTs that people are creating is the start to something else that they're getting. Build a lot bigger in the future.

It's really fun. It's the digital gold rush.

Angela: I would love to tap your genius on using NFTs and outlining the journey of how to build your smart city.  That you imagine in the future? I think that's just a brilliant tie-in. Maybe there'll be a  convergence of Ebony and United Coin and other people in the opening acts so community that imagined bringing these ideas together, and maybe we can all come together physically in a fractional ownership of somewhere in Brazil that you're residing.

And we know we can all get together and. And brainstorm about how we can transform the world.

Ebony: That's the coolest part. It's so creative and it's let's see this new model that we can create and how we can work with you. And you can work with me and it can all be transparent.

Angela: When I'm talking to the general public - outside of Web 3.0 innovators space and mindset, sometimes they draw a blank expression about NFTs or, they have not invested in cryptocurrency what would be your response? What is The lost opportunity costs of not jumping into the space?

Ebony: I think people like their reaction is I don't get it or I'm scared because it's unknown. And so my reaction is okay, you don't know. I'll teach you what to do, and then you can decide.

Angela: Absolutely. And I have no doubt that you're going to have the skills and expertise to be able to teach me and lots of other people.  

Is there anyone in particular that you would love to connect?

Ebony: I would love to connect with anyone who's interested in creating or already has a preexisting idea for a startup in making the design process more efficient. I have a lot of ideas. I have a lot of looking at how to take care of, project management and make things happen.  So I want to find other like-minded people and build them my team around. But making the process more efficient at the moment.

Angela: I have no doubt that this will help connect you with the right people  either in your own startup or joining another startup to gain some experience. So Ebony, it was fantastic having you here on the podcast and we will see you more in the ExO Economy and OpenExO community.


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